Apps Uncovered 5th August 2018 -Straight out of a phone camera.

Selection by Stef Le Pape

This weeks selection includes work most likely straight out of the camera and unedited. Thank you :

Julia Nathanson, Shel Sherkin , Lorella Furleo Semeraro, Nancy N Hsieh, Vladislav Niko , Dixon Hamby, fakhrulislam1, Julienne W
for including in IPC photo pool and enabling share so we can embed your work.

What I appreciate about mobile photography is the immediate access to preserving moments of our lives.
Such spontaneity was not always available. With a broken DSLR and no desire to go back to film, I value being able to use my phone camera with the same intent I’d have with it’s counterparts.

No doubt I need to be more proactive in printing my favorites.
I sure hope at least the first two featured here are being printed. (Such spot on compositions.)

The simple beach ball so representative of summer,  invites a sense of carefree ease.

A feel good shot that makes you forget the burden of unceasing heat.


•girl and beach ball•

Julia Nathanson •girl and beach ball•


My daughter, playing with a beach ball in the lake. Shot with iPhone 7plus, edited with Hipstamatic.



Shel Sherkin * Penny





Lorella Furleo Semeraro







Seaside of Iona

Nancy N Hsieh *Seaside of Iona


app used:
I used Photoshop Fix to remove unwanted object, and Snapseed for the texture of the water to match the sky.
Background story:
A rare sunny afternoon, I was waiting for the ferry to take me back to Oban. This charming seaside town on the Isle of Mull made it hard to leave.



Headless Lover

Vladislav Niko * Headless Lover


1) I used the standard camera program + slightly edited the contrast, shadows and saturation in Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC

2) The story of the photo is simple: First I saw this young man with flowers at the crossroads, he was all in white: white shorts, white shoes, white shirt . He certainly was in a hurry, because he ran across the road to red color. Later, I saw him sitting in such position, as if he didn’t have a head. Perhaps he was in a hurry to meet his friend/girlfriend, but he or she was late?





Dixon Hamby * Cantina



Thursday night Book Club with yummies

Julienne W * Thursday night Book Club with yummies


App I used is Hipstamatic 350 with Stavros lens, Robusta film and Apollo flash. This combination brought out the colors especially the red checked plastic tablecloth and red-striped paper straws. It’s always fun to play with Hipstamatic it’s a surprise for me everytime!

Background story: I am a member of my neighborhood book club that meets once a month and last month the host brought wine and different flavored lemonade served in cups decorated with sliced citrus fruits and colorful paper straws which livened up the conversation!




fakhrulislam1 * dog


app used: lightroom app.



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