Apps Uncovered 5 February 2016

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Welcome to the this week’s Apps Uncovered. Cindy Buske’s stunning black and white portrait “Lotus” of her ballerina daughter steals the top spot this week.

For a number of reasons Apps Uncovered is rather scant this week. Perhaps due to the fierce storms here on the South Coast of England, my internet connection has been constantly dropping. Also, a few artists did not post their apps or backstory or both. Of course, there’s no obligation and I usually chase the artists who, for the most part will get back to me. However this week, with the frustrations of my poor internet connection, I have run out of time to chase so consequently we only have a handful of images and stunning ones they are!

Please remember to list at least your “apps used”  to be included in the gallery. This is the minimum requirement.

Thank you to the rest of our top talent this week who round out our small but excellent group including Elsa Brenner, Cindy Buske, Chris Harland, Michelle Robinson, Cat Morris and Karen Axelrad.

To find out more information about each image, roll your cursor over the photo. Also, click on the image to find out more about the artist’s work on Flickr. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful images on our iPC Flickr group and wishing you all a great iPhone shooting and editing week!

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Lotus by Cindy Buske

Apps used: VSCO
Backstory: This image of my daughter was shot on the VSCO app, edited with a black and white filter for effect. Our idea was simply to create a dramatic image with the softness her white tutu contrasted against the deep black background. She posed looking downward as I captured her form from above standing on a stool. Unintentionally, the result appeared as a lotus flower to me.

Along the Hudson River

Along the Hudson River by Elsa Brenner

Apps used: Shot with iPhone 6s and edited with apps Snapped and PhotoFXUltra

Backstory: Walking down a winding back road in Piermont, a quaint town right on the west side of the Hudson River, I spied this scene where only remnants of the old pier remained. Given the extraordinary sky conditions (a storm front moving out), along with the tall grasses and sensuous curves in this marshland area, I climbed a fence and used my iPhone 6s plus to capture the beauty of the moment. I used only Snapseed, a wonderfully versatile app, to crop and bring out the shadows without bleaching the highlights. Over-apping this naturally beautiful scene would have been a mistake in my opinion. I also used PhotoFXUltra to give it a slight softness and sheen.

Bowfell from Langdale, Cumbria

Bowfell from Langdale, Cumbria by Chris Harland

For taking the image I used: iPhone 6, Classic Toy App with: ‘Classic Snap’ Lens & ‘Colour Negative’ FilmFor Processing the image I used: Filterstorm Pro (sharpening), Photo Toaster, Snapseed, Stackables, Camera+

Backstory: I’ve been making pictures of this specific area of the English Lakes since almost my very first days with an iPhone – and indeed it was taking pictures (with an iPhone3) on a walk around nearby Blea Tarn that really opened my eyes to the idea of making images with an iPhone, and even more so that I had (finally) found a way to represent the landscape in a way that could echo the feelings id long held about it.

In so many ways this image is just the latest continuation of that endeavor, albeit with five years’ experience behind it, and three generations of iPhone improvement in front of it….however the essential artistic thrust remains the same….

This image was taken in March – always a wonderful time to visit the English lakes as it catches the landscape at the beginning of its transformation from Winter to Spring – which is very much the atmosphere represented in this image. As the air begins to warm against the cold hills, it’s often a time one sees a delicious mistiness in the light, which along with the late, muted tones of winter can present the photographer with almost ‘unmissable’ scenes.

As much as the brooding presence of Bowfell dominates this image – and is its ‘subject’-for me the star supporting role is taken by the snaking appearance of the dry stone wall to the foreground ( If I had my way, I’d make the dry stone walls of The Yorkshire Dales and English Lakes a ‘wonder of the world’ as I think they are one of the greatest examples of folk art in the United Kingdom)….and in this composition its serpentine underlining of the image is the perfect foil for the lofty, more ethereal peaks behind it. I enhanced this by a strong darkening of the foreground and an elevation of light to the center, an age old technique learned from the paintings of Joseph Wright of Derby, and most directly from Turner in his Lakeland painting “Buttermere Lake, with part Of Cromackwater, Cumberland’ which I referenced throughout the final processing of the picture


Silence by Michelle Robinson

Apps used: Procamera, Stackables App, Afterlight, Snapseed
Backstory: Silence the surrounds to still the mind, to still the soul, to slow the pace, to breathe, just to breathe. When you’ve been one round with The Black Dog Bitch, it’s exhausting. Every movement you make seems to Take. So. Much. Effort. You feel the pressure of the happy-smiley people and the fast-paced society. Hey, are you okay? Yeah, I’m okay. Not. Because it’s too damn tiring explaining something to someone who doesn’t get the bitch. You know. You know it’s okay: it’s OKAY to wrap yourself into your own swaddle of silence, to rest, to be still, to love only you. Everyone can take care of themselves until you’re ready again.


Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 15.46.05

Imogene is singlehandedly bringing back the pillbox by CatMorris
Apps: Assembly, iColorama, Snapseed
Backstory: This is a little character study for a kids book that I’m working on. Doing the whole thing on my phone. . Assembly is a vector drawing app that allows me to draw and then scale up the drawings infinitely. Creating emotions with simple lines and shapes. Imogene is a strong little girl with her own sense of style!


Seeking by Karen Axelrad.
Apps used: iPhone 6 with the following apps:SlowShutter, DianaPhoto, YouGottaSeeThis, iColorama.

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com