Apps Uncovered – The last one (for now)

Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered.

….but first a quick note…..

Before I introduce you to David’s selections this week, I have some news regarding Apps Uncovered. Sadly, this will be the last Apps Uncovered for sometime, possibly forever.

I want to thank our new curator David Richards who has done a fantastic job of putting the gallery together this week (and also huge thanks to all of you who responded to my request for help to run Apps Uncovered), but alas Flickr has been behaving in the most mysterious ways including not allowing David to send or receive Flickr mail, removing his comment posts and other jiggery pokery, rendering David’s job of communicating with our Flickr members mission impossible.

Between us (but mostly David), we have published this week’s Apps Uncovered but due to the weird-goings on with Flickr and the need for my website to be updated, this will be the last one….at least for now….

….but it’s not all bad news, the few hours extra I’ll gain by dropping Apps Uncovered will give me a chance to write more regularly about the things iPhoneographyCentral loves; art, creativity and techniques on the iPhone….and as always I’ll be giving random iPhonegraphy related goodies out over the next few months. 

Thanks once again to all of you who came forward with offers of help to support Apps Uncovered and, of course, a massive thanks to all of you artists and photographers who have submitted your work to the Flickr group and made it such a rich and vibrant group of exciting work. 

Future Apps Uncovered curators 2021

Who knows, when the new website is up and running in 2021, Apps Uncovered may return. 

If anyone is confident using WordPress, has a current Flickr account and loves art and photography and would be interested in being a temporary curator (for a week or a few months), please let me know and I will add your name to the Apps Uncovered Guest Curator’s list for 2021.

In the meantime, thanks David, and everyone who has helped over the years, not forgetting Bob Weil who was my regular Apps Uncovered partner for many years and contributor…(full list of contributors below).
Apps Uncovered has been a blast and every week I’ve loved seeing the huge variety of work and reading the backstories and techniques. I know from the many messages I’ve received over the years that many of you have found the showcase a valuable resource and of course historical postings will remain on the website for you to dip into when you need some inspiration and ideas.

I hope you’ll join me looking forward to the new improved mobile art learning resource iPhonegraphyCentral for 2021. Sign up to my newsletter for updates!

Apps Uncovered guest selectors 2011-2020

Bob Weil, Trish Korous, Diana Nicholette and Stef Le Pape (S LP). Kate Hailey, the late Jamie Ferryros, Robert Snarey, Jennifer Bracewell, Catriona Dongah (Gladly Beyond), Dirk Dallas and Amy (McGrath) Hughes and David Richards.

THANK YOU!! Let me know if I’ve missed anyone off the list by emailing nicki@iPhoneographyCentral.com

In the meantime, thanks everyone….it’s been a blast. I hope you’ll join me looking forward to the new improved mobile art learning resource iPhonegraphyCentral for 2021. Sign up to my newsletter for updates!

Any questions regarding this week’s Apps Uncovered, please email me nicki@iPhoneographyCentral.com

Apps Uncovered –
The last one (for now)

Selections by David Richards.

Special thanks to Rita Colantonio for the featured image this week (below). This image I found to be so clean, crisp and refreshing with vibrant colours depicting an everyday scene.

The sidewalk cafe. Venice
The Sidewalk Cafe, Venice by Rita Colantonio

Apps used: Metabrush, Procreate, IColorama

Backstory: I shot this street photo with my iphone8s while walking through Venice in October, 2018. What attracted me to the scene was the story here. This musician was perhaps on his way to an event but stopped for coffee and a meeting with a friend. I liked his attire and the bright warm colors in the scene. I also liked the ambience of the sidewalk cafe, a theme I have been working with for some time.
This edit started in Metabrush. I used the paint strokes to simplify the image and add a painterly quality. Next stop was Procreate, where I painted further using various brushes and intensifying some colors. Lastly, I used IColorama to add a sketch filter and watercolor filter.
The bright colors and street ambience of the scene reminded me of the colors of Venice.

Also rounding out the talent this week are the following creative iPhone image makers:

GR, Michael Hamments, Susan Detroy, Thomas Berg, Tomaso Belloni, Laila, Deanwgd608, Michael Brunsfeld, Dragon Fly, Miguela de Ozarko and our featured artist this week Rita Colantonio.

Thank you for sharing your images with us at iPhoneography Central.

If you have any questions regarding this feature, my online classes or any editing topics you’d like to see me write about and illustrate, please email me at nicki@iPhoneographyCentral.com

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Summertime IV
Summertime IV by GR

Apps used: Hipstamatic on “Shuffle Mode”
Backstory: This is a early morning view from my bedroom in the Florida Keys after a rainy night. Using the Hipstamatic taking app on “shuffle mode” I made a dozen or more exposures using a combination of “film” and “lenses”. No two alike. After studying the results for several minutes, I chose this one. While I don’t use all of the combinations available, I find that I ususally have a good selection after 15 or so shots. Very entertaining and fun to use. No edits are necessary.

The Edge Of Chaos
The Edge of Chaos by Michael Hamments.

Apps used: Close up straight out of the iPhone camera

Land Xcape
Land Xcape by Susan Detroy.

Apps used: Blackie, Hipstamatic, Blender App and Distressed FX 

Backstory: This piece is part of a series titled “Portrait of a Woman,” I create these blended self portrait images, melding my own face and the environment, producing iconic figures. I use my iPhone captures of a nearby landscapes. Here I employ a capture of a local mixed use wildlife refuge, where I like to walk and feel the natural world around me. Just as I like to return to a familiar natural place, I often create using similar techniques, which can produce images that look like they are related. And they are.

Close encounters
Close Encounters by Thomas Berg.

Apps used: Shot with iPhone 6 using App Hipstamatic 354

Social distancing
Social Distancing by Tomaso Belloni.

Apps used: Shot with the default camera app on an iPhone 11pro max, zoom camera and edited in Snapseed.

Backstory: Huge faces on the wall and mirrors, what can go wrong? It’s just a bit of patience and the right instant. Obviously the model does not wear a mask, hence the title.

L.A. hotel
L.A. Hotel by deanwgd608.

Apps used: Picture was taken on my Iphone 6 and processed on an Ipad. It was processed in the Camera Plus app which I really like.

Backstory: Picture was taken in a Doubletree Hotel lobby. This was a first time visit to LA. Was waiting in the lobby, looked up at the ceiling umbrella display and the circles and colors presented themselves. Looked interesting and or beautiful so I took some shots.  

Sleep-cassette Collage2
Sleep-cassette Collage2 by Michael Brunsfeld.

Apps used and Backstory: This is from a recent series of images “embellished” from old mix-tapes I created in the 1980’s. I made many hundreds of audio cassettes, (remember those?)
and would typically create a collaged cover for each one. I amassed a large categorized collection of potential magazine imagery that I would intricately cut out and assemble for each cassette. Collaging was my life for quite a while.

I recently shot a few of my favorites with my iPhone, and proceeded to update them with Dreamscope filters, and then composited those textures in iColorama. 

In this case, this was the simplest of collages— foreground and background, so I sharpened and blurred and liquified these filtered overlays for a sleepy effect.

Starry, starry night ... err carwash ...
Starry, Starry Night … err carwash by Dragan Fly.

Apps used: iP6s with native camera. Touched with Distressed FX and Snapseed

Backstory: As to the why/how … I’ve been taking photos while going through the carwash for a bit. This is just another of those.

Reflection on the River Arno.
Reflection on the River Arno by Rita Colantonio.

Apps used: IColorama, distressedfx

Backstory: This is a composite of two edited images. The Arno River flows through the ancient city of Florence. While there in 2018 I shot many photos of the river. I was fascinated by the architectural integrity of the ancient buildings flanking the river. If not checking your calendar, one would swear they were living there in the 16th century. I edited this view of the river in the style of a Renaissance painting using IColorama app and distressedfx app. For this blend I chose a vintage portrait from my archives. I wanted to present the entire image as a moment or memory from time past. I created a mask of her profile and blended in the river, then her image in black and white, which I inverted and revealed her features with a brush mask. I added birds, text and a subdued image of the river for the background. This was done in IColorama app.

alas, farewell summer flowers. . .
Alas, Farewell Summer Flowers by Miguel de Ozarko.

Apps used: Shot with iPhone 6 and edited with Photos-Edit, Glaze

Backstory: Simple image. . .saw the late afternoon sun illuminating the butterfly garden (all the flowers draw bees and butterflies), so a single snap. I increased the colour saturation and contrast in the edit of the phone’s Photos app and finally applied Glaze, which added a pleasing shimmer and slight Impasto quality. . .I would normally add a poem, but unfortunately my muse was vacationing elsewhere. . .