Apps Uncovered 4 November 2018

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

A real mash-up of images this week from the enchantingly beautiful to the completely eccentric it’s Mariko Klug’s “still beauty” that gets me every time so her magical White Horse steals the lead spot this week.

Other talented iPhone shooting and editing folks that round up the group this week are: Clare Pickett, Maarten Oortwijn, Sergiy Beliayev, Scott Simpson, Dixon Hamby, Pam Morris, aka Tman, jun yamaguchi , Allyson ., oola cristina, Donald Williams, and TheiPhoneArtGirl.

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The White Horse

Apps Used:Photo was taken with iPhone X, edited with Snapseed and Picfx.

Backstory: It’s autumn, my favourite time of the year, the season of fog. Fog transforms almost any ordinary place into something eerily beautiful, romantic, haunting, mysterious…
On this foggy day I visited a nearby horse farm to take some pictures of horses. There were many horses, most of them black or brown. This white horse caught my eye. It stood on the green meadow surrounded by fog and reminded me of a scene from a fantasy movie.

CP18 Week 42 From the i360

Apps used: Edited in Snapseed.

Backstory: A day in Brighton and our first visit up the i360. Sun so bright it just lit up the inside and gave a wonderful warmth as I entered glass observatory. I knew I had to use the light to my advantage rather than seeing it a disadvantage of reflections and bright rays of sun. Looking down from the top I saw long shadows from posts on the derelict pier below and waited a moment for the person to move into the right place for me. The textured marks I could see from reflections in the glass I knew would add to my picture. A small edit in snapseed enriching the colours and adding a frame

***autumn memories***🍂🔲

Apps used: The photo was shot on iPhone 7 Plus (I used Camera+ 2 app, as I usually do) and edited in ‘Instant’ iOS app.

Backstory: Those were probably the last sunny and warm days of this autumn, and we walked with our baby boy (he was born this September). The mood was absolutely great, and everything around us seemed charming. And when I saw those pipes far away and the colorful autumn tree nearby, I decided that would be an interesting frame which could express the beauty of this autumn day.

The Beach.

Apps Used: Taken on an iphone7 and edited in snapseed.

Backstory: I took this image whilst on holiday in Norfolk and was taking a walk along one of the beaches there. I particularly like the abstract feel to this image.

Dios es color

Apps Used: Shot with iPhone X.

walk away

Apps used: iPod touch’s camera / brushes+trigraphy+deco sketch+vsco+enlight+phototoaster

It's The Aces

Apps used: Apple iPhone 7.


Apps used & Backstory: Nearly straight out of the “camera” but not quite. Taken outside my favourite store where the eccentric owner expresses himself with items he sells, both inside and outside his location. And there it was complete. My only interference was via my trusty old steed Snapseed app with a little cropping and much restraint to do my thing with


Apps used: iPhone 7plus iColorama psxpress Snapseed Union app Enlight

the creative process

Apps Used: Procreate & Snapseed.

Backstory: For this image I used Procreate and for making the background less flat Snapseed.
The idea somehow popped up after seeing an old black and white picture of a boy fishing. This was one of the few times I had a clear plan for a drawing and sticked to it also.


Apps Used: Leonardo, Pixelmator, PhotoCrash2, Mixerpiece, Hipstamatic

Backstory: This piece came about because I wanted to make something for Halloween/Samhain/All Saints Day/All Souls Day/Day of the Dead. I love the lore of these holidays and how they act as a reminder of those who have come before, ancestors, our loved ones who have passed away, and the possibility that their spirits continue in some way after death, or at least continue as memories in our hearts and minds. I also like that these holidays remind us of the possibility of a spirit world, creatures unimagined and things unseen. “memento” is about remembering a loved one… whether human or not.

I’ve been collecting vintage photographs on and off for awhile from thrift stores and estate sales but I think this image of a woman holding a portrait of someone who I assume is her husband or brother was one I found on a copyright-free site months ago. PhotoCrash2 provided the images of a stag, clouds, a hand and a crow. The eyes are from paintings by Antonello da Messina and Lucas Cranach the Elder from the Mixerpiece app. I didn’t have a clear idea of what I was going for when I started but those were the images that attracted me. Once I had them all loaded into Leonardo, “memento” came together. After all the layers were in place and the masks manipulated the way I wanted, I moved the image to Pixelmator where I painted, blended and tweaked further. Then moved the image to Hipstamatic where I found the lens, film and flash combination that gave the right feel.

I like the idea that there are species unknown to us, living among us and who are somewhat like us, going about their daily lives as we do but who are concealed. The only evidence from time to time, a vintage photo found in a stack at a second hand shop in a small town where few travel.

Around Midnight

Apps Used: Snapseed and Distressed FX.
Backstory: The photo was lightened in Snapseed to bring out some detail.It was then blended with textures in Distressed FX and cropped and finished in Snapseed again.
The only light source was upstairs.I was drawn to the way it illuminated the whole room in soft light.

Quiet Passage.

Apps Used: Camera+, iColoramaS, LightBrush

Backstory: In the last few weeks, I’ve sunk into what feels like a bottomless revulsion at my American citizenship. Powerless to dispel the chaos. Too far along in my meditation practice to get rewards from escapist fantasies. Exhausted with binge-watching historical movies and series, searching for some antidote to the darkness America is plunging into, head-first. Feeling sad for myself and everyone else affected, but also helpless and stuck. Just like when I was growing up in the 50’s in an alcoholic family. Life is shit. We’re doomed and nothing will never change. I am a rock. I am a helpless blue bunny.

Out of the blue, a new thought appears ( as thoughts are wont to do). Take Blaze to the Bear Creek trail, focus the mind on finding even a tiny glimmer of Life – real LIfe – and use my iPhone to help me see better as I scan for glimmers.

In addition to the new thoughts, I’m still carrying the black mood. Honestly not expecting anything could ever help me feel better. Ego’s whining, “Life is over…”

Regardless, Blaze and I forge on, walking from our house over to the trailhead and starting into the forest. We’re not 100 yards from where the trailhead enters Bear Creek’s Life and there are leaves falling like rain from the trees and the wind is helping arrange the leaves into visual stories on the asphalt trail faster than the eye can track. Ahhhh, light totally dispels the darkness. Vision is alive again.

I spent some time with the leaves telling their stories, running here and there, laughing aloud at what I was seeing, and capturing as many one-image stories I could before my concentration gave out. Blaze and I kept walking and after 5 minutes of “visual rest,” we reached the start of the wetland. It had rained the night before and there were puddles everywhere that hadn’t been there last trip. As I looked down, I saw this image, “Quiet Passage.” I took it as a gift from the Creator. A powerful medicine for my confusion.

I took in the elements for a long time, inhaling with long, deep breaths, then letting out a half-dozen loud sighs. When I had received the medicine myself, I made three shots before Blaze and I moved on. The bare branch reflections and the color saturation in the center of the image are every bit as critical to the image as the leaves on the surface and under the surface. So I bracketed, praying that one of the exposures would catch everything in the same net. (I never try to look at an image when I’m in the field, so to speak. I look when I get home.)

All the while, Blaze waited quietly for me. He’s learned that I need to stop and look the same way he needs to stop and smell and we’re as kind to one another about those two needs as we can be. For almost 8 years, as I’ve been learning to shoot and edit with an iPhone, he’s earned himself the title, “Best Photographic Assistant Ever.”

Not taking assignments anymore from others, when I am in Nature, I am in worship. In that state,  I need all the focus I can manage to be fully present in wonder. This has me shooting most of the time with Camera+ because the interface and tools have become part of my breathing process. Camera+ also gives me nice fat files I can edit and print at exhibition sizes.

When I got home and looked at my camera roll, I found the one image with the most promise and adjusted tone and color with iColoramaS, afterwards using LightBrush to dodge, burn, and carefully intensify specific elements around the composition.  The editing process gave me another big dose of beauty, medicine for my mind.

What a delight, Nicki, to share this with your audience. I wish you and all the readers a “Quiet Passage” in these days of seemingly endless political turbulence. Nature hasn’t gone anywhere and is always ready to help us through our temporary confusions.

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com



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