Apps Uncovered 30 Aug 2020

Welcome to another edition of Apps Uncovered, the world’s longest running weekly showcase of iPhone photography and art.

Thanks to Francoise Horle for her wonderful abstract image Diver Trio this week. She includes an interesting brief backstory about the ideas behind this image. Thank you Francoise. I love your diving trio! You’ve created a wonderful sense of movement by driving those downward curves through the horizontal bars. Excellent work!

Diver Trio
Diver Trio by frambi2 (Francoise Horle)

Apps used & Backstory: Being a former dancer, the sensation of jumping, falling, and being suspended in midair fascinates me. It is a recurrent theme in my drawings. Here I used some elements from analogue sketches and composed the image in Procreate on my iPad. Initially I created both a color version and a black-and-white one which I drew as it it were a model for a woodcut. But neither of them convinced me. So I went on to combine them in the style of a collage.

Enjoy this week’s Apps Uncovered!

Also rounding out the talent this week are the following creative iPhone image makers:

Star_z (Star Greathouse), Martin Levoir, Karl Edwards, Robert Laliberte, GR167, Miguel de Ozarko, Salwa Afef, Susan Blase, Keith Midson, pahamel-mtl, rita colantonio, Tomaso Belloni, Joanne Mariol and Kristie Michele Art (Kristie Benoit).

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Apps Used: Decim8, Distressed FX, SuperimposeX.
Backstory: Inspired by Chet Baker’s song “Alone Together”, the image features a couple,standing side by side on a beach, gazing at the distant seaside landscape. They are alone out there at the end of the world, but nonetheless together, just like the birds we see flying above them. The background was created with Decim8 and Distressed FX. The couple was integrated into the landscape with SuperimposeX.

Bike Rider
Bike Rider image by star_z (Star Greathouse)

Apps & Backstory: My husband and son were teaching my daughter in law, Liz, to ride a motorcycle at a club we belong to. Since it was closed due to Covid 19 there was no traffic in the parking lot. She was costing down a small incline, just trying to get the feel for the bike. It wasn’t even running, my son would ride it up the hill, then she would coast down again. I took quite a few images.

I chose the image that had the least busy background and put it into one of my favorite “mangling” apps, Decim8. After collecting several images, I chose a few to put into Imaengine, an app that is really sparking my creativity lately. I love how it can take an image down to it’s basic shapes and colors. Then, I went into my black hole app, iColorama. (My tag line is “can be found lost in iColorama”) I really can’t tell you how many images I blended, saved then blended back in again. Or, how many times I went back a step or several. An hour or two later, I resurfaced with the image “Bike Rider” a tribute to Liz and her new found love of motorcycles.

Street life.
Street life by rita.colantonio

Apps used: Procreate
Backstory: This composite image started out as an iPhone photograph of a street scene in Kotor, Montenegro. There were no people in the scene but I was especially attracted to the bright colors, rectangular shapes and light. I had a shadow image in my camera roll that I photographed of window blind shadows that I originally wanted to use as a mask with other images blended in. But I decided that the original image was busy enough and the diagonal lines of the shadow were enough to add the drama I wanted. It was a challenge to eliminate detail but keep the ambiance. I added the humans, text and other elements to complete my story, all from original iPhone photos. I liked the repetitive lines and the juxtaposition of rectangular and diagonal shapes. This ended up as an abstract with a story and the edgy urban feel I was looking for.

Seuls ensemble 2 by pahamel-mtl
Blues from a gun 💦
Blues from a gun 💦 by Susan Blase

Apps used: Tadaa, Nebi Film and Afterlight
Backstory: This photo was taken recently and I’m happy to these days finally be able to swim at all. Going swimming has been a way to hold onto some normalcy of summertime during this surreal year. It to me had a composition of elements that kept me from just being melancholy for the loss of so many basic joys and traditions. I still could swim in the sun and enjoy the water and I still have color in my heart, even if it’s at a distance for now. The state of things can’t totally cancel out everything and this photo reminds me to make the best of what’s at hand and keep a playful fun spirit inside. The photo really only had minor tweaks to focus and overlays in a couple of apps and I took name from a Jesus and Mary Chain song.

Different levels
Different levels by Tomaso Belloni

Apps: I shot with the default camera app on an iPhone 11pro max (zoom lens) and edited in Snapseed and Hipstamatic (Lumière lens and Robusta film).
Backstory: A small scenic town on the alps, two houses with windows on different levels and shades of different colors, plus painted edges. A concave corner. It was impossible not to notice it, the hard part was how to frame it and from where. Some cropping was needed to avoid distortions. I like the feeling that something is not completely right there, rival families forced to leave next door to each other?

Odd feelings
Odd feelings by Tomaso Belloni

Apps used: Snapseed. I almost always start my editing with Snapseed, and see what comes next. In this case, I used icolorama to add the border, and the new Distressed Fx and Mextures to bring out some color. Finally, a few sparkles of color from Repix.
Backstory: A narrow alley between two rough stone walls, overcast weather on the alps and a solitary street lantern. The absence of contrast removes depth and the presence of a passage is only suggested by the lantern. I liked the minimal tonal range and the sensation of having hit a dead end.
I shot with the default camera app on an iPhone 11pro max (zoom lens) and edited in Snapseed and Hipstamatic (Tejas lens, Cheshire film and Jolly Rainbo 2X flash).

drive home

drive home by Miguel de Ozarko

Apps Used: Shot with iPhone 6s and edited with Snapseed, Glaze and Decim8
Backstory: I was coming home early one evening from a writing class that I teach at a nearby college and a rain squall had just blown through. . .so the streets were wet — which I always love because the reflected colour lights seem to run like paint in an Impressionistic painting. I stopped at a street light for quite a long time, so picked up my phone and took one photo through the front window/windscreen — the intersection, a convenience store to the right, streetlamps. . .I visualized the scene a little more painterly. Later, I used the hdr effect in Snapseed, then Glaze to smooth edges and give a slight smeary quality, and then in Decim8 — which I have never learned to use — I played with different effects and came upon what seemed to me a subtle cross-hatch.

Thinking about the scene, the words began as description and then, what I always hope for, took over on their own and led me to a more emotional response.

late August after rain,
burrowing into the dark
along avenues color slick
as streetlamps slowly
come on, as children
sleep and lovers lie
listening to rain begin
again, wind dying,
solitude of driving alone
so complete, so still
as the wipers swish
back and forth.
I would like to translate
this feeling –not an emptiness
so much as a freeze frame:
the intersection between
here and now, waiting as
a Buick low rider glides past,
as a woman struggles
with her umbrella,
as the reddish glow
from a convenience store
beckons in the night,
but I drive on, the radio
suddenly alive, an old
song, a classic – Melancholy
Baby, I think.

–M deO

Memories House" Windy Day "Memories House “Windy Day” by Salwa Afef

Apps used: Slow shutter cam + iColorama+iWatermark.
Backstory: This photo is from the series ” Memories House”, but on a windy day, I wanted to show that “blowy weather” mood which I hate a lot!
I felt everything was flying, the trees, the house, my head, my iPhone…etc
So I moved the iPhone like it is about to fly away with the wind, using the slow shutter cam helped to make the cranky effect!
I edited 2 photos on iColorama the house and another photo of the birds, using the abstract brushes, to make the 2 images really windy, then blended them together.
For sure I finished my work with some last touches: contrast, saturation, and vibrance!

Hereford CathedralPhoto of chained books at Hereford Cathedral by Martin Levoir

Apps used: The photo was taken on my iPhone 6. The location was dark but the iPhone produced a sharp image at 1/17 second. For post processing I use Lightroom seamlessly across my iPhone, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. For this shot I reduced the Highlights and Whites, boosted Dehaze a little and sharpened the image. I like the impact that a little Dehaze has on a range of shots. I also cropped the photo by about 25% to focus clearly on the books.
Backstory: The photo was taken on a day trip to Hereford Cathedral which houses the Mappa Mundi medieval map of the world and an amazing collection of old books. Most of the books are chained to the shelves as they have been for hundreds of years. This was so that readers could read the books without stealing what were very precious objects!

Happy National Dog Day
Happy National Dog Day by joannemariol (Joanne Mariol)

Apps: Snapseed and Phonto
Backstory: I captured one of our dogs snoozing in his favorite chair. I think the way that the late afternoon light was hitting his fur is what really prompted me to create this image.

Toronto, August 2020.
Toronto, August 2020 by Karl Edwards.

Apps used: Taken with my iPhone 11 pro max using the Procam app. shot in full manual mode and captured as a raw dng file. contrast and brightness adjusted to taste in Lightroom.
Backstory: The shot was taken while walking down bay street in Toronto. was out hunting for photos and noticed one of Toronto’s iconic shafts of light so stopped to see if there were any photos. took a couple shots on the sidewalk but when I turned I noticed reflection in the granite of the building and was able to grab the shot.

Zakim by Robert Laliberte (Original photo taken by Yan Zhang.)

Apps used: This is an iPhone X photo taken by my passenger as we approached the Zakim bridge in Boston. I process it in Hipstamatic using the Markus NSW lens, Aristotle film, and Triple Crown flash. I did some minor fixes in Pixelmator, and then finished it in Snapseed.
Backstory: The strong lines of the bridge make it one of my favorite places and I can never pass up the chance to take ‘through the windshield” shots such as this whenever driving through.

Apps used: Apps used-jag.gr 6×7 and Snapseed.
Backstory: Living in the Florida Keys offers many opportunities to capture some of the most spectacular seascapes in the country. On this particular late summer evening I noticed this evolving sunset from my dock. Using the 6×7 app I took several photos, ultimately choosing this one.

Seascape XVI
Seascape XVI by GR167

The 6×7 app has monochrome or color modes. I prefer the black and white. I set the app on red filter with tif save and sent it to Snapseed for further editing. However I preferred the original over anything I tried, so I just framed and saved.

The jag.gr app also has the sister 645 app featuring a number of formats and film simulations but my favorite is the 6×7 version because it remeinds me of the the great Mamiya and Pentax film cameras.

Countryside by Keith Midson

Apps used: I used Photoshop Express to convert to B&W. Very little editing was required for this image – the effect of the mist did not require any enhancing.
Backstory: This photo was taken at my house. It was one of those magical mornings where mist just flows through the property. I had just opened the curtains and this is pretty much what I saw. I simply opened the window to reduce any glare or reflections and took the photo right there and then.

in the blur of serenity where did everything get lost? the flowers of naivete buried in a layer of frost the smell of sunshine I remember sometimes

“in the blur of serenity where did everything get lost? the flowers of naivete buried in a layer of frost the smell of sunshine I remember sometimes.” by Kristie Michele Art
(lyrics from I’m Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally 🎶 Nine Inch Nails)

Apps used & backstory: For this shoot, I propped my iPhone up against a box I had sitting on my dresser. I used the Slow Shutter app, which has a self timer. In the Capture Mode I used Motion Blur with a 2 second shutter speed and allow Blur Strength. Once I captured the images I wanted, I edited them in Lightroom Mobile. (the entire set is on my instagram, and also has an additional layering of Mextures edits).
I love creating ghostly images with slow shutter and seeing what comes out of it. It’s always different and the process is always fun and exciting.