Apps Uncovered 3 April 2016

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Welcome to the this week’s Apps Uncovered. Somerset, KY by Bruno Ribeiro steals the top spot this week with his fantastic juxtaposition of the of real and the unreal creating a compelling image and a whole new story.

Rounding out the rest of the talent are Julia Nathanson, Susan Blase, Kristie,  Alexander Kulakov, Jane Schultz, Jenneke Tesselaar and Nettie Edwards.

Please remember to list at least your “apps used”  to be included in the gallery. This is the minimum requirement.

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Somerset,KY by Bruno Ribeiro

Apps used: iPhone with Hipstamatic  


Untitled by Julia Nathanson

 Apps used: Self-portrait in a garage door. Shot and edited with Hipstamatic.

Apps used: Self-portrait in a puddle. Shot and edited with Hipstamatic God only knows what I'd be without you Apps used: Tadaa, Mextures and PicsArt
Backstory: This photo kinda did much of the work for me. It was a very hazy and gloomy day and really I didn’t have to do much to the blur or color. I slightly tweaked the focus and hues in Tadaa and then added some “retroness” using Mextures and PicsArt. I quite like how the soft bokeh in top left came out, it added a softer element to the somber view. I chose to name it after the Beach Boys song, because I’ve been in a bit of a Boogie Nights theme lately. I think this image kinda has the same vibe as end does when song is played, sort of a melancholy hopefulness and pondering.

.far off thoughts.

Apps used: I shot this on my iphone6, with my Joby tripod i used the Tadaa app for masking and blurring the background, and the Mextures app and VSCOcam with e8 preset for final editing.
Backstory: I have a room that gets only about 15 minutes of sunlight coming through the window in the mornings. I awoke one morning and saw an opportunity to shoot, so I jumped at the chance. When you’ve got great natural lighting, you’ve got to take advantage of it! I did a small series of images, along with this one, and was somewhat off in another world while shooting, hence where the title came from.


Untitled by Alexander Kulakov

Apps used and Backstory: It was taken while visiting the district of the city with a lot of buildings still under construction and not a lot of infrastructure (this alley of shops and cafes and other few spots are the only working places there for now) and I shot it on the way from subway station to the actual living blocks (which is like a deserted lane with power lines above it) Slide RNI films filter was used on this photo.

The Burden of Time (bnw)

The Burden of Time (bnw) by Jane Schultz

Apps and backstory: Apple iPhone 6s with Hipstamatic Sometimes time creates instead of heals our wounds and, thus, cracks result in the otherwise perfect egg. iPhone 6, Juxtaposer, Artrage, Laminar.

M i r r o r

M i r r o r by Jenneke Tesselaar

Apps used: Apple iPhone 6s with Hipstamatic
This picture was taken with Hipstamatic, the app I use most when shooting landscape.

Backstory: I chose the Florence lens in combination with the Telegraph film. I like the reduced saturation from this film and the way it strengthens the often grey and gloomy weather in the Netherlands. No further adjustments were made, I only added a bit of definition (+10) in the editing suite.

I shot it just outside the garden centre we visited that day.
The tranquil scene with the trees reflected in the water and the small wooden quay caught my eye.So I stepped out of the car to take some pictures. With this one as result.

Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye

Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye by Nettie Edwards
Apps used: Shot in Hipstamatic, cropped and recoloured in LoMob
This photo was shot on the return journey of a very sad trip across Europe, from Sweden to Italy, to visit a dear friend who was in seriously ill in hospital. I think this was somewhere between Munich and Hamburg.

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com

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