Apps Uncovered 28th October 2018 Autumn

Selection by Stef LePape

One of my favorite seasons is Autumn. There’s a certain allowance for melancholy. With each leaf that descends it echoes awareness of our own passage in time. Its the season most likely to wax poetic thought.

Summertime finds us exposed.

Autumn… we wrap on, off, shelter from elements as fickle as a teenage love.  This raveling and unraveling sends innate signals that soon we will settle homeward bound.
An observation of mine regarding the mobile arts and photography community ; it invites participants of a particular age group.  I could be wrong.
Perhaps we are of those in the autumn phase of our lives. We become hyper aware of leaves falling. We drop pixels here and there…hoping that as we wear the weathering of time we will not be lost in the forest of winters due approach. Mobile devices have made preserving our journey that much more at our ready.

This post is dedicated to all the Autumnist of life. I’ve ended with some visuals echoing the colors of Autumn…reminders of Summer …carpe diem.



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