Apps Uncovered 28 April 2019

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

One of my favourite iPhone photographers since the birth of iPhoneography (around 10 years ago); Suzy Blase steals the lead spot this week with her dramatic self portrait “Blue Valentine.” I encourage you to check out more of Suzy’s wonderful creative stories which unfold with her clever use of mood, texture and colour to create cinematic scenes on her flickr feed here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/blackeyedsuzy/

Thank you to all of you who submit your work to our Flickr group which includes this week’s urban top picks from Laila Bakker, Fleur Schim, Rita Colantonio, Clint Cline, borisbschulz2009, Mark Walton and Sergiy Beliayev.

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Blue Valentine 💕

Blue Valentine by Suzy Blase

Apps Used: Tadaa, Afterlight and Alien Sky

Backstory: This self portrait was largely inspired by the film Neon Demon. I really loved the use of bold hues and light and I just adore this director’s vision as a whole. Color is very important to him even though, he’s actually color blind. A lot of my lighting came from being near an old aluminum Christmas tree spotlight. I just very slightly adjusted focus in Tadaa. The other two apps helped me attain a more grainy look. Love the film or hate it, I worked on this while listening to the movie soundtrack, I find it so so wonderful.

2019:107/365. Fluff ball

fluff ball by Laila Bakker
App used: Snapseed
Backstory: I have this small favourite place in my hometown where I like to take pictures. Under and just beside a bridge I have water, walls, ceiling and a little bit of nature. I like to ‘force’ myself to take a different picture every time I pass there. This time it was the fluff ball (Dandelion) the caught my attention. I used my macrolens and used Snapseed for a little edit, black and white and a bit of vintage, that’s all.

Fading beauty

Fading beauty image by Fleur Schim

App used: Shot with iPhone XS, Cameraplus2 and Snapseed
Backstory: On a hike in our favorite canyon—so many lovely spring flowers. The California daisy was everywhere. Thought I would try to get a successful macro image with IphonexS and cameraplus2. Many attempts! Hand held…Fortunately, there was minimal wind. The fading beauty captured my eye.

Trees aglow.

Trees aglow by rita colantonio

Apps used: hipstamatic, Icolorama, LightBrush

Backstory: I was driving by this scene on my way to catch a sunset on a Cape Cod beach. The glow on the trees from the setting sun was so beautiful that I stopped and backed up my car to the scene. I shot several angles of the branches with my Iphone6s Camera+ app.
I edited mostly in hipstamatic to achieve the feeling of that fleeting light. The light was gone in 10 minutes. I followed up with some minor adjustments in Icolorama and LightBrush.


Untitled by Clint Cline

Apps used: Stackables, Mextures, and Superimpose.
Backstory: The Quadrille are images comprised of four colorful sections of incongruous imagery that, when taken as a whole, become a unified, singular impression. I try to include at least one image of urban texture to combine with the other elements which are usually fragments or sections of other works or photographs.

For this piece the two outer sections were images captured at a train museum; the left is a rail car number on the side of a caboose, and the right is a portion of an illuminated letter on a railroad crossing sign. The two center sections are 1) a corrugated wall overlaid with a radial image to skew its verticality, and 2) a blue field inset over the wall to provide a visual transition.

This is an ongoing personal challenge project now comprised of some 25 pieces. in FotoJet Collage Maker. I use an iPhone SE. Since I otherwise photograph with a DSLR, I use the iPhone only for such collages.


Amsterdam by borisbschulz2009

Apps used: Snapseed, Formula, Diptic


Hampstead by MarkWalton1
Indian takeaway

Indian takeaway by Mark Walton1

Apps used: shot with iPhone

Apps used: iPhone camera


***sky***☁️🔲☁️ by Sergiy Beliayev
Apps used: Shot with iPhone7+ and then:

Apps used: Shot with iPhone7+ and then:
RNI Films (Agfacolor 40’s Aged)
Adjustments in Hipstamatic; Lens:Kitschy Richy   Film: Bream   Flash:Standard
Adjustments in Afterlight 2 and Moldiv

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com



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