Apps Uncovered 23 May 2014

Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered, our weekly feature, showcasing iPhone art and photography from around the world. Artists also share the apps they use and often the backstories too giving us a fascinating insight into the creativity and techniques used in the journey the image makes from the artist’s eye to the completed digital image we see on Flickr.

There are a good deal of great landscape images around at the moment. Perhaps it’s the time of year, for many of us around the world, when the weather is warmer and we don’t have to freeze our fingers off trying to get that unique shot. Having said that, a determined landscape photographer will not let the weather stop them getting that next great shot. I apologise for Apps Uncovered being later than ever this week – it’s been a busy and enjoyable week of my new role as tutor of iPhone photography in the real world.

The wonderful image maker Wayne Greer leads Apps Uncovered this week with his beautiful landscape “Teter Hill Road”. Wayne’s compelling landscapes are beautifully edited and his work never fails to attract attention. There is something solid and of a serious intent in Wayne’s pictures that is lacking in so many other images on Flickr and I urge you to click on any two of the images shown here in the gallery and view the rest of his stunning work on his Flickr stream. If you are interested in what makes a compelling landscape image, you will learn much from Mr Greer. More stunning landscapes appear in the form of Mingha Nie’s cool image “Once upon a time” and Tracey Griggs gorgeously processed “Sailboats in the Mist” emulates the style of the great romantic painters of the 19th century.

I loved the dark mysterious lurking shapes of Jamie Rhoades photograph “Burning the Morning Fog”. Jamie proclaims, he is a regular guy with a union concrete job. – well that may be a fact but I think Jaime has another job to do when armed with his mobile phone. Regular iPC Apps Uncovered veteran Sheldon Serkin delights us with another character, this time “Clarence” appears in the shadows. Did anyone see Clarence? – Sheldon did. David Ingraham is back with another great and gritty street shot in Westport Ireland and in stark contrast Jlfiala shares her heavily processed colourful image of an open air market in Burano, Italy.

Thank you, as always to everyone who submits to this group. I encourage you to click on any of the images to see more of the artist’s work on Flickr. Bob Weil will be back next week with a new gallery including artist app, technique and backstory revelations



Teter Hill Road by Wayne Greer

Shot with Iphone 5 using 645 Pro. Apps used were Snapseed ,Mextures and Afterlight.



once upon a time

once upon a time by Mingha Nie

“Once upon a time”
Camera: iPhone 5
Apps Used: Snapseed, Mextures

I was touring this lighthouse with some of my guests on a sunny morning. The lighthouse was closed for reconstruction so I had to walk around to find an angle to not reveal the scaffold that was assembled for the reconstruction. As such I had both limited time and choice for composition. I set the capture to square format as I know it will be the format for most of my final edits. I processed this photo using the Snapseed App, initially doing adjustments on basic toning, then applied Grunge filter to achieve mutated tones and edge blur. I then went to the Mextures App to add slight touch of texture to enhance a timeless look for this photo.



"Burning The Morning Fog"#iphoneography #iphonephotography #mobilephotography #landscapephotography #iphone5s #silhouettes #sunrises #sunrisephotography #anawesomeshot

Burning The Morning Fog by Jamie Rhoades

I uses procamera 7 to take the shot ( with the exposure adjusted to a darkened mood ). Editing~ I first used PS Express to crop, straighten, sharpen, and denoise. Then to snapseed for adjustments to “ambiance”, “shadows”, “warmth”, and “brightness” to my liking. Then to lens light to enhance sun. Next to Photo FX, in the gradient/tints using the “pink” filter, adjusted to my liking. Last I took it to iPhoto where I used the “soften” brush to brush pixel away near the bottom of photo. ……I’ve been a iphoneographer who posts daily to Google+ for about 2- 21/2 years now. That’s where Mobilephotography caught my eye, and I became interested at iphoneography…….~ I hadn’t had time to get to my favorite lake for a sunrise shot since last summer. So I woke up extra early, went down to Springfield Lake, Akron, Oh. , and started shooting. I like to shoot most of my sunrises/sunsets just before they rise/set. I also look for many angles at situations. To make my photos more interesting. I had the iPhone just inches from the waters surface here. There was also a heavy fog rising from the warmer water, into the cooler air. ……~ I’m a regular guy with a union concrete job, working out of Cleveland, oh. I love iphoneography and try my best to keep up and compete with the folks with DSLR. It gives me drive. We are all great friends anyway, and the photography community in General has been nothing but truly kind, helpful, and just AWESOME.



Clarence by Sheldon Serkin

“Clarence” was shot in the late afternoon in Grand Central Station. While its main concourse is usually full of commuters, its side stairways and hallways can afford moments of solitude among the station’s Beaux-Arts setting. Shot with oggl, using the new lens Sergio paired with the moody US1776 film.


“Like father like son” by Rob Pearson-Wright

Backstory: On a recent trip to Paris with the London-based photography group ‘Click London’, we were exploring the Marais area. It is a trendy part of Paris with a rich history and diverse community. Once it was the chosen place to live for the aristocracy, then a Jewish quarter, followed by the Chinese after World War 1 and now a growing gay community since the 80’s. It has a very hip and arty vibe.

I noticed the father and son’s hats firstly out the corner of my eye. They were almost like Fedoras. I took the shot from the hip to catch those hats and not lose their eyes underneath the brims. I liked the way the son followed in his father’s footstep, both of them winding through the crowd of people. Maybe in a few years the son will be leading his own boy through the streets, looking sharp in a hat and jacket.

Apps used: Snapseed: For some minor adjustments to brightness and saturation. Then to convert the image into black and white.

Noir: To add a light highlight to their eyes.


Westport, Ireland by David Ingraham

This image was shot with Hipstamatic and edited with Snapseed and PhotoCopier. I was wandering the streets of Westport, Ireland and saw this lone cloud hovering. I decided to stop and wait, seeing who might walk into my frame. Eventually this kid got out of his parent’s car and walked right past me, totally ignoring me, as if I wasn’t even there. Always a good thing in street photograph




Untitled bynikkortumblr

Shot with the native camera app, slightly cropped with VSCOCam and then edited with Litely, Argyle High preset, and with a tad of vibrance and sharpness. I love this new app called Litely, very nice to work out sublte tones. This app is developed by a former developer of Hipstamatic, Sam Soffes and designed by the photographer Cole Rise . If you care about photos at all, give Litely a look. I think this app definitely deserves more recognition.



image by jlfiala

I’m travelling in Italy right now. We were visiting Burano, Italy, the city of color and lace. This shot was taken on a corner open air market with Fotor HDR, and then processed in app and saved to camera roll. The image was then opened in Snapseed and processed using HDRscape, Tune, and details. Image taken into iColorama and simplified. Lastly, I used the Illustration Effect to give it a slight outline.



Two of Us by Mariko Klug

I’m really enjoying Spring and its flowers at the moment, especially the wild flowers, such as Butter Cups, Dandelions… and Poppies! They are all delicate and fragile and so beautiful!

The Poppies were taken with Hipstamatic Sergio lens and Blanko Freedom13 film.
As always my first step for editing is PhotoToaster. I slightly cropped the image and lowered contrast and saturation. To highlight the white flowers I used PhotoToasters Lighting Brushes. I love this tool which allows you to lighten and darken specific areas of an image.
Finally I applied the Concrete Jungle texture of Mextures which gave the image a painterly look.



Wistful by David Hayes

I used my iphone5 native camera app and a diff. macro lens setup. To process the image I used PS Express and Polamatic. As for the backstory….this was from a quickie set-up I did with a single dandelion seed head…quickie in that I figured I would not have much time to shoot before the seed head came apart. From this shoot I got three images: this one, “Light”, and “Fairies” which you also see in my Flickr stream. While I liked the I cropped version of this image, it wasn’t until I popped it into a Polamatic frame that it really came together. I really do think it’s this framing that brought out the ethereal feeling that I was looking for when I started working with this image.


McPherson County.”></a></p> <p>This was shot using with an Iphone 5 using 645 Pro. Apps used were Snapseed, Mextures and Blender. As often happens , I came across looking for something else. The weather was perfect for such a find though , overcast and dreary. There was a keep out sign , so I was wary of spending too much time there. I hoped by crouching low to get this angle and perspective , some of that feeling of

McPherson County by Wayne Greer


This was shot using with an Iphone 5 using 645 Pro. Apps used were Snapseed, Mextures and Blender. As often happens , I came across looking for something else. The weather was perfect for such a find though , overcast and dreary. There was a keep out sign , so I was wary of spending too much time there. I hoped by crouching low to get this angle and perspective , some of that feeling of ” that’s close enough” would come across.




Sailboats in the Mist by Tracey Griggs

ProCamera, Photowizard, Pic Grunger

This photo was taken early in my mobile photo exploration two years ago. I didn’t start submitting to sites like IC until a few months ago – too much high level competition – it’s still a challenge expanding the tech capabilities :-). This processing was inspired by the great romantic painters of the 19th century

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com