Apps Uncovered 22 February 2015

Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered where we feature a range of iPhoneography talent and reveal the creativity and techniques behind each of the iPhone images featured. Once again the world of iPhoneography keeps me busy with side projects like the AdoramaTV iPhoneography series so I apologise for the brief introduction this week but thank all of you for submitting your wonderful work to the iPC Flickr group every week. Big thanks to Brendan Ó Sé who steals the lead photo with the wonderful image “Today I will be mainly hiding from myself.” Brendan has a wonderful talent for matching his image titles perfectly with his photos.

If you’d like a chance to be featured in this weekly showcase, please remember to include your apps and backstories with your photos. Thank you, as always for submitting your amazing work.-

For a chance to feature, please join our Flickr group and we look forward to discovering the stories and techniques behind them. If you have any questions regarding this feature, please email Nicki at nicki@iPhoneographyCentral.com

Just to let you know that as you probably know Bob Weil and I work on many other projects and our day jobs during the week and recently we’ve both become extra busy and because of this there may not publish Apps Uncovered next week. However, this does not meant that any photos submitted since this week will not be looked at as we hope to publish a bumper- double edition in 2 weeks time so please keep submitting your photos. Having said that, if we do recover some time this week, things may still go ahead as normal and this note may become redundant – Anyhow keep submitting and we hope to be back on track soon.

Temporary VOLUNTEER Apps Uncovered SELECTORS WANTED for next 6 months!
Over the next 6 months, if anyone is interested in volunteering as a selector of 12 images for the Apps Uncovered gallery once or twice a month we’d love to hear from you. An interest in photography and art and good writing english reading and writing skills essential. Experience of mobile photograhphy, writing and web publishing preferable. The job, from selection to publishing takes anything from 2.5-4hrs a week. Sorry we cannot pay you but we will publish a short bio and links to your work to say thank you. If this sounds like something you can commit to over the next 6 months, please contact me at nicki@iPhoneographyCentral.com


Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 15.53.48

Today I will be mainly hiding from myself by Brendan Brendan Ó Sé

Apps used: I used Snapseed to crop and convert to black and white.
Backstory: I took this on a cold, December night in Berlin. Part of an ongoing project of reflections which I am working on. It was a colourful scene with the Christmas lights lighting up the streets and shopfronts, all reflecting in the windows of the bus. Commuting can be drudgery and to minimise the artificial cheerfulness of the Christmas lights this is best seen in black and white.


Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 21.00.30

Dapper boy on his way by Ale Du Gangi

Apps used: Shot on iPhone 5 using Hipstamatic Oggl and John S lens + Uchitel 20 film.
Backstory: When on the street I always tend to keep an eye open for interesting details or people to shoot.Currently I am doing a series of street/road shoots based on this Oggl combination of lens & film, giving interesting results on both shadows and faces but adding an almost drawing-like quality on backgrounds (especially blurry ones).One morning, traveling on the bus to work, I noticed the coat this guy wore. I was stricken by the peculiarity of the style he had chosen: so young yet already so conscious, able to reach such a high level of “classic-yet-very-now” look.Adding to that, the expression on his face was something to stare at, denoting a maturity you would not expect on such a young face.

machinery girl

machinery girl by jun yamaguchi

Apps used: iPod toouch’s camera / brushes+scratchcam fx+vsco+pictureshow+filterstorm+deco sketch+phototoaster

Winter in the Woods

Winter in the Woods by Mariko Klug


Apps used: Taken with Camera+, edited with Camera+ Dreamstate filter and Color Doge, PhotoToaster for cropping, colour adjustments and sharpening, TouchRetouch to remove some disturbing branches, Mextures Emulsion Franklin and Landscape Enhance Frosted textures.
Backstory: This photo was taken in a wildlife park not far away from my home. All sorts of native european animals live there, some of them, like the deer and the mouflon sheep, roaming free. I’ve been there dozens of times but never in winter, so I decided to visit the park on a snowy day.

In summer when the park is overcrowded you sometimes don’t see much deer but on that day I was the only visitor. The animals were so relaxed and didn’t really care about me.


Untitled by Michael Trombley

Apps used: ShockMyPic, Modern Grunge, Monovu, Stackables, & SuperImpose.
Backstory: The overall Composition for this Image was quite easy. The roses lended themselves naturally in perfect form. My goal was to simply allow the soft light spilling in from a window to provide just enough detail.

I chose Modern Grunge for the first layer of texture. I love the way this App provides You with the ability to adjust the presence of a more natural texture. From here I went to Stackables for some Tone and a slight addition of texture. I then decided I wanted a more Monochromatic feel so I chose Monovu and bounced back to the original image within SuperImpose. From here I could bring out the color of the leaves while suppressing the rest of the image. SuperImpose is amazing ! You have the capability to enhance the mood/lighting and make the necessary adjustments to make a photo pop.


Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels by Sheldon Serkin


Apps used:  Hipstamatic Oggl and Instagram



Outskirts by Wayne Greer


Apps used:  Snapseed , Handy Photo and Photo Toaster.
Backstory: I took this while working in an older area on the outskirts of town. It’s a place where some aren’t too concerned with letting a little junk pile up. Scenes like this seem to have stories to tell.

A Foggy Day

A foggy day by La Aurelia

Apps used: Snapseed
Backstory: Fog…. such a special sensation. Trees become vague silhouettes, houses turn into clouds, right before my eyes the horizon disappears into nothingness. Silence… I embrace it. Here and now a nod of understanding between my dog and me. He is also impressed by this little world. Walking side by side, we enjoy this beautiful moment

“And through a foggy Almere Town The sun was shining everywhere …. ”
Aurelia, Januari 2015


Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 21.04.44

Waiting room by Guy Reynolds

Apps used: Snapseed
Backstory: As best I recall this was my usual style of shooting: square shot with an iPhone 4, possibly used auto-enhance, then pulled into ShakeItPhoto to add the Fauxlaroid border, then uploaded to Instagram with the Lo-Fi filter. Pretty simple stuff. I have a set of shots from waiting rooms at doctor, hospital and dentist offices since I’m easily bored just sitting. This woman was there when I entered and left before I gave my blood and never went back for anything. It was odd. Perhaps she tired of waiting or perhaps she left with another person who was the patient and I just didn’t notice. Either way, she looks rather apprehensive about the whole thing.

Winter Bones 1

Winter Bones 1 by Firery Broome

Apps used: Captured with iPhone and Olloclip Maco Lens, Edited on the iPad.
Backstory: Was out in the yard looking for some new images to work on over the weekend.Captured a bunch of images of what remains of the Hydrangea flowers.Mostly found petal skeletons. Some with a bit of faded flower tissue clinging to the frame work, others just dried bones.

Backstory:  First I took it into FaceTime and used the sharpen tool, with a very small brush size and low strength setting, to paint in a bit more sharpness in a few spots. Then I moved the image to Snapseed where I did a minor bit of color and contrast adjustments and lightly applied vintage texture.


Sylvester by Em Kachouro

Apps used: iPhone, Snapseed, Stackables

Split Personality

Split Personality by James Metcalf

Apps used: Snapseed, Monet HD, Repix, Superimpose and ProCreate
Backstory: At a local event, I saw this guy with a cool, but odd hair style, with sunglasses to match. I took a picture with my iPhone. Later I opened the photo in Snapseed and adjusted the brightness and contrast. Then opened it in Monet HD because I love the way it accentuates the color and posterizes the image. After saving the image I opened it in another app called Repix. Love using the brushes, especially chalk…like working with pastels. If you make a mistake, you can use the “undo” brush to gently erase part of or the whole stroke effect. The original image looked a bit boring to me so I opened the image in Superimpose and opened it again as another layer. I flipped the layer, enlarged it, rotated it, and applied, I think, hard light to the layer. I saved the image and opened it in Procreate. I added a few layers, and applied additional brush strokes. I added a layer for my signature and saved out the final image.


Sunset Over Denver International Airport - Colorado - USA - 20141118 @ 16:40

Sunset Over Denver International Airport – Colorado – USA – 20141118 @ 16:40 by MomentsForZen

Apps used:
iPhone 6 – Photographs taken with the back-facing camera on an iPhone 6.
PureShot – A bracketed set of 3 images was acquired, with each of the images having different exposure settings.
MobileHDR – Combined the 3 images into a single HDR image.
Painteresque – Applied the Painteresque 1 effect with custom settings.
Pixelmator – Applied the Retouch tool to the top left corner of the image.
Snapseed – Applied the Structure filter. Overall lighting adjustments carried out. Brightened the corners using the Center Focus option.
Photogene 4 – Sharpening filter applied. Overall lighting adjustments carried out.
Photoshop Touch – Cropped the image then resized it to 3264 x 1536 pixels.
ExifEditor – EXIF data from one of the original photographs transferred to the final image.

Backstory: All things come to an end. This photograph was taken whilst we were sitting in the plane waiting to push back and begin the flights back home. I was looking out across the tarmac towards the other aircraft and the setting Sun, thinking back over the events that had made this such a wonderful and productive trip. All that remained was the series of flights back home : Denver – Los Angeles – Sydney – Canberra. Although the total transit time for this combination of flights is a little over 24 hours, it all went smoothly with a minimum of discomfort – which is as good as the travel experience gets these days.

The window through which this photograph was taken was scratched and frosted, and this imparted a texture on the photograph. The image was further degraded by the usual number of reflections artifacts. Given this situation, I decided to go with the textured look. My app-of-choice for this is Painteresque – others use ShockMyPic or Tangled FX to obtain similar textures.



Untitled by Sheppss SnineSy

Apps used: Slowshuttercam, Stackablesapp Snapseed and finally to finish off oggl.
Backstory: Shot was just an opportunity to capture a static subject focused on her own phone so it was perfect for Slowshutter to do its thing, that with nice harsh light giving the subject silhouette appearance and the surrounding shadows all added to something of interest to me.



Untitled by hanakai2001


Apps used: hipstamatic LightBoxr Pixology superimpose AfterLight PhotoPower snapseed Leonardo
Backstory: I took this in the museum. It was the last day of an exhibition, so crowded there. This is a very beautiful museum inaugurated in 1909. So I gave up to appreciate the artistic works, then enjoyed taking pictures. Especially here is beautiful curved stairs and the decorations are gorgeous. I captured a lady coming down the stairs with hipstamatic. I edited it carefully not to spoil the atmosphere.


Morning by Phoebe Wynne
Backstory and Apps used: This was processed with VSCO using the B2 preset. I try and take at least one photo every day and I always love the morning light. VSCO is a great app: well designed and simple. I use it daily.


Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 17.21.04

Sleeping Insect Catcher by Nettie Edwards (Lumilyon)

Backstory and Apps used: This is a simple Hipstamatic Macro shot, part of a series that explores the possibilities of the new Bushwick Hipstapak. My subject was a Pitcher Plant overwintering in the greenhouse of a National Trust garden. In most of my macro work, I don’t seek technical perfection, but rather to capture some unseen essence of my subject. I spent about half an hour getting to know this sleeping carnivorous beast, much to the amusement of a coach party of German tourists!

iPro system macro lens.

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