Apps Uncovered 21 April 2019 – Intimations of Spring

Selected by Bob Weil

This week’s Apps Uncovered presents a selection of what I found to be the most interesting images posted to our Flickr group. My selections this week seemed to be a natural outgrowth of the time of year – the advent of Spring, and how it touches all of our lives and restores our wellsprings of creative energy

This week’s lead artwork, “Artist at Work, Connecticut” by Sara Augenbraun provides the best proof that Spring is upon us – an artist going about his craft on a fine, clear morning.

No Photographer, Scott Simpson, Kent DuFault, Tomaso Belloni, Tuba, Tricia Dewey, Sergiy Beliajev and Karen Axelrad complete this week’s collection of seasonal masterpieces.

If you’d like to see your images in the running for selection to our weekly Apps Uncovered feature, be sure to list the apps you used to create your image when you upload it to the iPhoneographyCentral Flickr group. (And as an added bonus to other members who would love to learn from your successes, consider adding the “Backstory” describing the creative process that led you to capture and process the image as you did.)

Artist at Work, Connecticut

Artist at Work, Connecticut by Sara Augenbraun

App used: Snapseed

Roses experiment by No Photographer

App used: Snapseed

Parkhouse Hill, Peak District

Parkhouse Hill, Peak District by Scott Simpson

App used: Snapseed

The Barber Shop

App used: Snapseed
Backstory (Analysis courtesy of Charles B. Haacker, posted to the image itself): There is so much going on here, so much story! The lineup of foreign currency at the top of the mirror–Mao next to Elizabeth II. The antique license plate cheek-by-jowl with a Sony speaker. The lake-schooner curved pipe hunting-dog wallpaper. That magnificent antique cash register! And the tiny detail just below the barber’s elbow: you can see the antique portrait the customer sees on the opposite wall.

Damned if you don’t

Damned if you don’t by Tomaso Belloni

App used: Hipstamatic, using ejas Lens, Love 81 Film, and Apollo Flash (post-processed)

Blue Book of Spring

Blue Book of Spring by Tuba

App used and backstory: Shot with Hipstamatic’s double exposure feature.


Untitled by Tricia Dewey

Apps used and backstory: Playing around with some new images of tulips in black and white. Created on the iPad Art Studio Pro, Snapseed, Vintage Scene.

***april blossom***🌳🌾🚶‍♀️

April Blossum by Sergiy Beliayev

Apps Used and Backstory: Part of the “Streets of Kharkiv Series” Camera + 2, Hipstamatic (Lens – Khun Lo, Film – Vientiane, Adjustments – Pixelmator)

The End of the Tulips

The End of the Tulips by Karen Axelrad

Apps used: Loftus Lens, Ina’s 1969 Film, and Apollo Flash

Bob Weil

Bob is the co-author of The Art of iPhone Photography (with Nicki Fitz-Gerald), published by Rocky Nook photography books and supports Nicki in managing iPhoneography Central and the associated Flickr group.