Apps Uncovered – 20 September 2020

Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered.

This week, I am delighted to introduce and give a very warm welcome to our new Apps Uncovered curator (starting next week), the wonderfully talented UK landscape photographer David Richards.

David has kindly offered to curate the gallery while I work on on the new website launching next year. It will be great to have David’s fresh eyes making the selections and we’ll also be mixing things up a bit by introducing some surprise guest selectors over the next few months.

In the meantime, Here are a few words and stunning pictures from David photographed in his home county of Dorset. You can see more of David’s work at davidrichardsstudio.com

Stone pier. This shot for me is all about the clouds, like balls of fluff hanging in the sky backlit by the sun with the stone jetty pointing them out.

Photographically speaking. I seriously got into photography in my teens working with a Pentax Spotmatic 35mm camera mainly using B\W film to keep the cost down and to teach myself how to develop film using the family bathroom as a temporary darkroom, much to my mother’s annoyance. Through my teens and early twenties, I became a very accomplished amateur film photographer. Photography invariably took a back seat when career and marriage responsibility came to the fore so for around a decade or so little or no photography happened apart from the usual family photos. After this period I just needed to get back to being creative again and as always photography was the first choice of medium, but now everything was digital so once again a new learning journey was undertaken and is still ongoing. I have been mainly concentrating on landscape photography as living in Dorset supplies a wealth of opportunity with stunning countryside and coastal views, I have a website, www.davidrichardsstudio.com, where I display some of my photos.

I took this long exposure image of sunset over Chesil beach always intending to turn to B\W to enhance the texture of the beach against the smoothness of the sea with the backdrop of the silky sky.
Distant Shore image. I deliberately over-exposed this image to get a minimalistic effect of the beach hut and boat, floating in space between water and sky.

Look out for David’s weekly Apps Uncovered selections, starting next week!

…and here’s this week’s Apps Uncovered:
Special thanks to GR for our cool featured image this week shot with Slow Shutter Cam. Discover exactly how GR created this image by reading the backstory below.

Golden Glow
Golden Glow by GR

Apps used: Slow Shutter Cam
Backstory: Living in the Florida Keys offers many opportunities to capture amazing sunsets On this particular late summer evening, I chose one of my favorite taking applications, Slow Shutter Cam.

There are three settings available. I chose Motion Blur, Medium Strength, and 2 seconds shutter. Also opted for Auto ISO.

Taking several exposures, I varied the the ICM (intentional camera movement) until I got the perfect amount of horiizontal panning.

Also rounding out the talent this week are the following creative iPhone image makers:

luc borell, Mr Blur, Image Artistry, Fleur Schim, Clint Cline and Mister Blur.

Thank you for sharing your images with us at iPhoneography Central.

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Apps Uncovered

Poppy Love
Poppy Love by Image Artistry

Apps used: Combo of two photos, one in OverCam the other with Native iPhone app, ImaEngine, iColorama, Procreate, Repix
Backstory: I love poppies and this was taken in a wildflower garden. My favourite tool for posterisation is ImaEngine and I took it into this app and removed the outline. Next I blended it in iColorama with a second similar image from Overcam which is an app which gives a slow shutter impression. From here I touched up some bits in Procreate and then finally added the dandelion seeds and some effects in Repix.

FACE A FACE photophone de lucborell
FACE A FACE photophone de lucborell (photo by luc borell)

Apps used: Hipstamatic, 1998 Cam, SuperimposeX and Formulas

Wonderland by Fleur Schim

Apps used: Iphone11pro Snapseed retouch Skylab distressedfx iColorama

Next | A
Next | A by Clint Cline

Apps used: Hipstamatic, 1998 Cam, SuperimposeX, Formulas
Backstory: This piece is aptly called NEXT for the simple reason it is a creative next step amid what has proved to be a grueling Fall schedule that has allowed little creative freedom outside of my client work. Absent the opportunity to shoot new images, this initial piece utilized photos of deep textures that I’d tucked away on my camera roll, and which gave me the ability to create in both natural breaks and stolen moments.

Moonride by Susan Detroy

Apps used: Slow Shutter Cam, DistressedFX and Etchings
Backstory: “Moonride” was such a fanciful, unexpected creation.
Until two days ago I was riding my bike everyday since March 13. That was 179 days. With the fires in Oregon I have been forced to stop. Having this image recognized is doubly appreciated.. Last week I was riding at night to avoid the heat and in order to see the moon. For this creation I was out at night on my bike at the bridge I have been visiting multiple times a week. There I can see the moon rise in the east and reflect on the Willamette River. I used my trusty iPhone 6 capturing the moon reflection and the movement of the light with the slow shutter camera app. I edited in slow shutter right on the spot as the app sometimes drops the capture. Later, I edited the slow shutter image using my iPad photo editor. Then I slipped the image into Etchings for the graphic look and again into DistressedFx… I was surprised how much I liked it.

I want a new drug
I want a new drug by Mister Blur.

Apps used: I am still using only Snapseed. I found an excellent choice for black and white photography, and also for working on shallow depth of field. The “Details” and “HDR landscape” tools, when used properly, enhance in a great way your monochrome photography.

Backstory: These pills are my daily migraine prophylaxis. We were on a small holiday, and when I saw the lights at the back, I saw the opportunity of a nice bokeh. I turned my iPhone, so the camera was near the table and fixed the focus on the pills with my finger on the screen, and a nice shallow depth of field appear. The classic Huey Lewis and The News song “I want a new drug” came to my mind and that was all.



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