Apps Uncovered 20-27 April 2012


This gallery features a handful of selections of the outstanding iPhoneography published on the iPC Flickr group and elsewhere on the internet. The aim of the gallery is to show the very best of the wide variety of iPhone, iPad and iTouch art and photography. The artists are also asked to reveal the apps and workflows used in creating their amazing iPhone photographs and art which is detailed beneath each image. Click on any image to see more of the artist’s work. For a chance to be included in this weekly gallery, please join the iPC Flickr group. Please be sure to add the process/Apps you used in order to be included in the group. Thank you.

Please add your apps used: Thank you all once again for your wonderful submissions. I am afraid it’s taking me ages to publish Apps Uncovered partly because of chasing artists for the Apps. Even though artists all respond really quickly,(thank you) and I know it’s a probably a real pain to do it, it is a lot of extra work for me so unfortunately I am going to be really strict and leave great works of iPhoneography out if the apps/processing aren’t mentioned either in the title, description or tags so please, please add your apps 🙂 Thank you  –Nicki–


 Apps Uncovered Friday 27 April 2012

Apps Uncovered Friday 27 April 2012
Slow Walk Through Time
Title: Slow Walk Through Time
Artist: Reynaldo Obrero
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S. I took this photo while standing on the steps of a pedestrian bridge which crosses over this normally busier street where I work. I hardly ever use the native 4s camera app but I saw him walking and needed to take a quick shot. HDR was left on and it produced this motion-blur, ghost-like image of the man. I cropped, rotated and processed the photo using Camera+.
Title: Untitled
Artist: Clay Benskin
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + I use ProCamera to shoot and Snapseed to edit
Desert eye
Title: Desert eye
Artist: Yuri Leskiv
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Camera+ + PhotoWizard + Decim8 + FilterStorm
The ambiguous question of straigthness.
Title: The ambiguous question of straightness.
Artist: fernandoprats
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + Mattebox + Squareready + Pixlr-o-matic Plus
The People's Eyebrow
Title: The People’s Eyebrow
Artist: Joel Levin
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Apps used were…..Hipstamatic (John S lens + Blackeys B+W film), cropped with camera+.
Day 111: The Ripple Effect
Title: Day 111: The Ripple
Artist: Steven Dempsey
Device/Apps/Info: Have you ever noticed how a single act of kindness can influence a whole chain of events and can touch countless people?
I used to work in Starbucks as a barista and saw this happen quite frequently. On a busy morning, people are typically preoccupied by work matters or other pressing things. Occasionally a person would buy their drink and also pay for the next person’s order. This gesture would mostly be met with smiles all the way down the line. Others did the same and they, in turn, paid it forward…
Sometimes the smallest action on our part can have the biggest impact on others. Whether that will be a negative or positive impact is completely up to us.
1. iPhone 4s
2. Morning sunlight
3. Hipstamatic app
Walking with rain
Title: Walking with rain
Artist:Yuriy Leskiv
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + Camera+ FilterStorm + PhotoFX + RainyDaze
Snow Fountain
Title: Snow Fountain
Artist: Susan Blase
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Weeping Cherry shot using Hipstamatic and processed with BeFunky and Pixlromatic apps.
Shoot The Pier
Title: Shoot The Pier
Artist: Todd Spiehler
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Hipstamatic 251; JohnS Lens + BlacKeys Supergrain
Secret Eye In The Sky
Title: Secret Eye
Artist: Mutablend
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + this shot was taken on my iphone4, and postprocessed with Juxtaposer, Superimpose, Filterstorm, PhotoWizard, Snapseed, TiltShiftGen. 
Historic Tree Line 2
Title: Historic Tree Line
Artist: Maddy McCoy
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Process: Photo was taken with Hipstamatic (Helga Viking Lens & BlacKeys SuperGrain Film), put through Dynamic Light to pop it a bit, run through one of my own aremaC presets, and finally run through ScrathCam where the frame and some texture were added.
Electric Green
Title: Electric Green 
Artist: Aaron Davis
Device/Apps/Info: Shot, edited and shared on iPhone. Apps used Camera+, Snapseed and Filterstorm.
Title: Beloved
Artist: Tal Shafik
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Hipstamatic 225
Title: Untitled
Artist: Clay Benskin
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + I use ProCamera to shoot and Snapseed to edit
Camera Roll-296
Title: Camera Roll-296
Artist: Alexey Ovsyannikov
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + iPad2: BlurFX + 645pro + Blender + Iris Photo Suite + CameraPlus + 100Camerasin1
24 Hrs VIDEO
Title: 24 Hrs VIDEO
Artist: Shel Serkin
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + It was shot with the native iPhone camera, and processed with TouchRetouch, Juxtaposer, Filterstorm and Camera+.
Pretty spikey
Title: Pretty spikey
Artist: Lindsey Thompson
Device/Apps/Info: Taken with an iPhone 4 macro, Hipstamatic 236.
London Marathon 2012
Title: London Marathon 2012
Artist: Robin Pope
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + the shot was taken with Pro Camera, cropped and processed through Snapseed then went through Noir to give this a darker Black and White effect.
At the turn
Title: At the turn
Artist: Yuriy Leskiv
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + Camera+ + PhotoStudioHD + Pixlromatic + FilterStorm
Continuous Current Of Culture
Title: Continuous Current Of Culture
Artist: Roger Guetta
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + Juxtaposer + Blender + Snapseed + Halftone + Phototexture
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Apps Uncovered Friday 20 April 2012


 Light Ito Dark

Title: Light Into Dark
Artist: Clint Cline
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + SlowShutter + Snapseed + KingCamera
Fast falls the eventide
Title: Fast falls the eventide
Artist: Clint Cline
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Decim8 + Painteresque + Superimpose
Mutual </div>
<div> </div>
<div>Title: Mutual Appreciation</div>
<div>Artist: Alan Kastner</div>
<div>Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + Slowshutter + Dynamiclight + Autostitch + Pixlromatic + PhotoFX + ScratchCam + FilterStorm</div>
<div> </div>

Title: Mutual Appreciation

Artist: Alan Kastner

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + Slowshutter + Dynamiclight + Autostitch + Pixlromatic + PhotoFX + ScratchCam + FilterStorm


Nautilus Shell
Title: Nautilus Shell
Artist: Mike Valdez
Device/Apps/Info: Processed with textures+ app for the iPhone
She Wasn't Me
Title: She Wasn’t Me
Artist: Olive Charlene
Device/Apps/Info: down by the river
that runs to the sea
little lady saw her last
glad she wasn’t me
Taken and edited with iPhone 4
Apps Used: Slowshutter, Camera+,Blender, ScratchCam, BlurFX,?
That vast, unbridgeable moat of words
Title: That vast, unbridgeable moat of words
Artist: Bob Weil
Device/Apps/Info: Shot and processed on an iPhone. Includes photographed textures (including my blue jeans and the flap of a product box with glue residue still on it).
Process – The original shot came from a group of blurred people pics I took at a local museum, and I selected the one that would allow me to create a dynamic between the two subjects. I took a shot of my blue jeans (my knee, actually), then used Pixlromatic to add the greenish light leak, then rotated the image to place the light leak at the bottom (Photogene2).
In order to create the masking effect below and above the portion with the man and woman, I cropped the light leak and placed over top of the layer containing the image, and a black and white version over the upper area (2x at angles) using Superimpose. Using FlickStackr, I downloaded one of Les Brumes’ free textures as a second background texture.
Finally, I applied the jeans texture again over everything using a very low percentage blend, just to darken and add a further bit of mystery (in DXP).
Title: "That Final Drag" — Westlake / MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, CA.
Artist: David Ingram
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Hipstamatic + Lomob + Snapseed
Self-portrait at 42
Title: Self-portrait at 42
Artist: fernandoprats
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + PhotoForge2 + Decim8 + TwistCam + PhotoToaster 
The intruder...
Title: The intruder…
Artist: Cecily Caceu
Device/Apps/Info: I took this image with the Prohdr app, originally being attracted by the cool vintage car… but when the app was taking the 2 images (which takes a bit of time) a bicycle rode through — complete accidental luck. I then fine tuned the image in snapseed. Pure Portland and pure luck!!
Decimated Polaroid
Title: Decimated Polaroid
Artist: Susan Blase
Device/Apps/Info: Dandelion shot with Retro Camera and edited with Decim8
Title: Planets
Artist: Lu Guada
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + BlurFX + ScratchCam + PicGrunger + PhotoForge
Napping (109/366)
Title: Napping (109/366)
Artist: Lisamjw
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + Instagram + Hipstamatic: Ina’s 1969 film and the Americana lens
Station silhouette
Title: Station silhouette (Light play 09 – Life in Tokyo 049)
Artist: iCloud_9 / NyanJiroo
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone +
6×6 App: Dynamic B&W mode (for capture) + PhoneGrager (Russian Blue) + Simply B&W (Blue) + Camera+ (Auto, Overlay Effect) + Photo fx (Vertical Streaks)
Title: Untitled
Artist: Laura Peischl
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Snapseed
Architectural floor
Title: Architectural floor
Artist: ARCHiPhone
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + CameraBag + TiltShiftGenerator
When The Smoke Clears
Title: When The Smoke Clears
Artist: Susan Blase
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Pixlromatic + Hipstamatic
Title: Inseparable
Artist: Paula Gardener
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + I took the photograph with the iPhone 4 camera using natural light. The post processing apps were Camera+ and Snapseed for enhancement and toning down the colour. I then duplicated the image, processing one through Shock my pic and blending it with the other in Blender.
Modernissimo Pinocchio
Title: Modernissimo Pinocchio
Artist: Mutablend
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + shot with Slowshutter and postprocessed it with Superimpose, Dynamiclight, Filterstorm, Retouch, Camerabag.
No admittance
Title: No admittance
Artist: Cecily Caceu
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + PhotoToaster
The fighter.
Title: The fighter
Artist: Joel Adam
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + Snapseed + Camera+ + Blender + Photocopier + ScratchCam + PicGrunger
Wheal Coates.
Title: Wheal Coates.
Artist: Jay_Harvey
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + to be confirmed
St Michaels Mount.
Title: St Michaels Mount.
Artist: Jay_Harvey
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + to be confirmed
Mother and Daughter
Title: Mother and Daughter
Artist: Maddy McCoy
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Hipstamatic, ScratchCam, VintageScene, ModernGrunge, Storyboarder.
The photo is of my best friend and her daughter. It is part of my Modern Family Portrait Series.
Title: Untitled
Artist: Clay Benskin
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + I use ProCamera to shoot and Snapseed to edit
Title: Narbonne.
Artist: Amo Iphoneography aka melle Amo
Device/Apps/Info: I took this image with the Prohdr app, originally being attracted by the cool vintage car… but when the app was taking the 2 images (which takes a bit of time) a bicycle rode through — complete accidental luck. I then fine tuned the image in snapseed. Pure Portland and pure luck!!
Day 107: Time Stood Still
Title: Day 107: Time Stood Still
Artist: Steven Dempsey
Device/Apps/Info: We are so used to the feeling of time moving forward in our daily lives. It’s Monday today and most people who have regular work hours are not particularly fond of this day. The end of the week will usually yield a more positive reaction.
There are places in the world where days don’t matter and time, at least how we experience it, stops moving entirely. Well, that’s the perception.
This river in Carnation, Washington is one of those places for me. I compared this shot with something similar I captured a few years ago and I couldn’t see any changes at all. Everything seems to be in the same place as before.
Whether I come here to photograph or not, I always stop my car, get out and just breathe. The time I spend in the presence of this river does not register on any clock, it is stolen time and, when I get back on the road, I feel like I have just woken from a dream.
1. iPhone 4s
2. Morning light 
3. Hipstamatic and Snapseed apps
Orange Scooter
Title: Orange Scooter
Artist: Tal Shafik
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + PhotoToaster
Title: carnation
Artist: kkmi5093
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + with Soratama Lens
Title: Untitled
Artist: Clay Benskin
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S : I use ProCamera to shoot and Snapseed to edit
Finding my way
Title: Finding my way
Artist: J.A.D.A.
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Camera+ PhotoStudio

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