Apps Uncovered 2 Dec 2018

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

It’s so great to be back here choosing selections here for Apps Uncovered every week; to surround myself with your wonderful images, put on some music, pour a cup of tea (or a glass of red depending on the time of day) and look through all of your wonderful work. Thank you all for sharing your work on our long running Flickr group.

This week, vadim demjianov’s Winter landscape. (Borovsk) depicting a romantic landscape scene was the clear steal for the lead spot. 

Vadim’s composition and treatment in terms of light is pure genius. The broken tree, tired but not broken holds it’s head, with dignity, high in the sky against the falling backlight. A wonderful metaphor as we near the end of the year and think about what has been and yet to come, the events that both scar us and make us stronger. 

Thank you vadim demjianov for sharing this wonderful image. I encourage you to enjoy his beautiful Flickr Stream. You can learn a lot from studying this man’s work.

More talented iPhone shooting and editing work that round up the group this week comes from the following iPC Flickr members: Tomaso Belloni (x2), Sharon, Sergiy Beliayev,Milly M., Karen Axelrad (x2), and Carol Murray.

Thank you all for submitting to the group!

If you’d like a chance to be featured in this weekly showcase, please remember to include your apps and backstories with your photos. Thank you, as always for submitting your amazing work.- For a chance to feature, please join our Flickr group. 

Don’t forget to “ENABLE Photo SHARING” on your images in order to be featured. Instructions for this are on our iPC Group Rules page on the iPC.

Thank you all for contributing your wonderful images and we look forward to discovering the stories and techniques behind them. If you have any questions regarding this feature, please email Nicki at nicki@iPhoneographyCentral.com

By the way, it may surprise you that Vadim only uses two apps to create this beautiful work: iColorama and Snapseed…and maybe some of you are again surprised to learn that iColorama is one of them. iPhoneography folks seem to have mixed feelings about iColorama which seems to have a bit of a reputation for extreme effects, but as Vadim clearly demonstrates, in the right hands iColorama can help to create some of the most stunning works around, not just fantastic painterly works but an incredibly diverse library of brushes, effects, textures, patterns and colours. I certainly have had more fun with it and produced more creative results than any other app I’ve used.

If you’d like to know more about this incredibly versatile app, take a look at the two video courses Susan Tuttle and I have created dedicated to the amazing diversity of this app and it’s capacity  [in the right hands] – for incredible creativity.

iColorama video courses

Winter landscape. (Borovsk). iPhoneart.

Apps used & Backstory: I constantly use two editing programs: Snapseed and iColorama, plus a few textures. In the vicinity of the city there are many picturesque places that are interesting to visit at any time of the year. On this frosty day I came to the old town of Borovsk, decided to wander through its outskirts.The first snow fell and the sun began to go beyond the horizon. Everything around was flooded with amazing light. And I think I managed to convey this state of nature.

Two of a kind

Apps Used:I shot with the iPhone 7 plus default camera app and edited in Snapseed..

Backstory: “Two of a kind.” The airport of Mumbai is always a feast for the eyes. This time I was changing planes and did not have much time for strolling around. Along the long walk through the airport I saw this opportunity for a different photo of the curved ceiling and I grabbed it. The boy seemed to be looking at the column in awe and the light was just perfect

No way out

Apps used: I shot with the iPhone 7 plus default camera app and edited in Snapseed.

Backstory: “No way out.” Just a door at the SN Bose institute in Kolkata, India. With the right prspetive, the tree blocks the door and casts shadows upon it. The colors were completing the picture.
I shot with the iPhone 7 plus default camera app and edited in Sn

Fall Is My Favorite

Apps used: The only app I used besides iPhone camera was Snapseed to adjust ambiance and light levels.

Backstory: This is actually a scene from the road I live on. I live in the mountains of Tennessee and this is one of my favorite scenes to capture each Fall. It’s a winding and hilly road, and as you come up one hill, this is the beauty you’ll find. I can hardly ever resist shooting it as I drive through. This particular shot was just taken out of the window of my vehicle. Living out in the country, it’s not usually a problem to come to a complete stop to get the shot you’re after! I’m always impressed at how far phone cameras have come.

***urban romance***

Apps Used: the photo was shot on iPhone 7 Plus (I used Camera+ 2 app, as I usually do) with Ztylus Revolver ‘Wide-Angle’ Lens installed. Post-processed in Hipstamatic iOS app.

Backstory: That clear summer day I had some time for shooting in the center of the city, and it was a good occasion to test the additional lenses on my iPhone. I clicked a lot of photos, and this one was one of my favorites.

Time flies, enjoy it.

Apps Used: I use mainly Affinity, Snapseed and Waterlogue but have many other photography apps on my iPad. I find using the apps relaxing and fun

Backstory: The main focus of my photography now is gathering material in order to enjoy making composite images. Looking through my photography stream on Flickr it is noticeable that I favour the female face, old clocks, fish and music as elements in my work. I use my iPhone to photograph various things to use as textures such as old clocks, walls, rust, old papers, sheet music and old books. I find the challenge of picking different textures, text, colours and images and then blending these to create one image very creative.

365_Day 319 Formal Garden

Apps used: This photo was taken with the iPhoneXS for my 365 day project using only Hipstamatic photos taken with the randomized shuffle effect straight out of the camera.

Backstory: Max Liebermann was a Berlin impressionist artist and the president of the Academy of the Arts until he was kicked out for being Jewish. His summer house on the Wannsee Lake built in 1910 became a museum in 2006 and the garden which has been immortalized in many of his paintings was restored as it had been in Lieberman’s time. The formal garden is a series of “rooms” leading to the lake and was particularly beautiful on this fall day.

Multiple Mirrors

Apps used: Hipstamatic double-exposure with MattyALN lens, and Panaji film then processed with Distressedfx, Stackablesapp and SuperimposeX.
Backstory: I was doing a series of photos at the Lee Bul exhibit making Hipstamatic double-exposures of either myself double-exposed with the artwork or my reflection in the mirrored artwork double-exposed with another mirrored reflection. This photo I decided to develop farther in a “painterly” direction using textures from Distressedfx and Stackables. I then toned down the final result with blending several versions in SuperimposeX


Apps Used: Straight out of the Apple iPhone 6s camera.

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com



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