Apps Uncovered 19 August 2018 Mostly Abstract

Selected by Stef Le Pape

Featuring :
Karen Axelrad, Maarten Oortwijn,
Milly M., Tyler Hewitt,jane Shultz,

Lead image by Karen Axelrad where life imitates art.


Karen Axelrad Painted


App used: Hipstamatic
This photo was taken with the iPhone7 at the Gerhard Richter exhibit at the Museum Barberini in Potsdam. His paintings have huge strokes of bright color so I experimented with double exposures first taking the painting and then someone standing and looking at that painting. It’s a technique that takes a lot of trials to get a good one, but I love it when I get a result like this. I took it with the Hipstamatic app which, when set to classic view, has a slider to make a double-exposure. This is the “pure” photo without an added hipstamatic lens or film.


Maarten Oortwijn


Created on ipad pro with the Procreate app. Didn’t combine it with other apps this time (I’ve posted a recolored version as well, for that I used PS Express). Brushes used: hb pencil, nikko rull, gouache, gesinski ink, mad splashes. The background of the picture came pretty fast (it was a variation on something I used in a previous picture). The rest was a bit of a struggle at first, tried several ideas. Finally the figure covered in post-its emerged.



The two little fishes

Mindy M The two little fishes


The two little fishes

A photographic collage using a sheet from my ever increasing collection of vintage papers. I really enjoy finding and collecting old papers and books to use as textures in my photography or in mixed media artwork but find it hard to actually cut the papers up but easier if I have photographed them first.

I used my iPhone to photograph a piece of vintage paper and then double exposed with a photograph of a wood fish that I have. I used Snapseed and Background Erase to put them together.




Tyler Hewitt Accu-Man


I shot this photo of an acupuncture model in a Chinatown shop window when wandering around San Fransisco on a rainy afternoon a couple of years ago. I used Snapseed to convert it to B&W and do a little cleanup, the hand coloring was done using Procreate. I’ve been exploring hand coloring and adding texture and/or graphic elements to photos using various apps for a while now, this is my most recent one.

The One Who Burns It All Away

Jane Shultz The One Who Burns It All Away


Backstory: I can spend hours in my favorite garden, where the blooms change all season and never cease to surprise and overwhelm me. I never get that aerobic walk that demands it not be interrupted as I’m always stopping to take more pictures, using different camera apps and lenses. Only a small fraction wind up behind edited, turning into something new.
Apps: Slow shutter, Artrage, Procreate



365_Day 217 Sunset

Karen Axelrad 365_Day 217 Sunset


App used: Hipstamatic with Pablo Mark I lens and Delaunay 1941 film
This photo was taken with the iPhone7 for my 365 day project using only hipstamatic photos straight out of the camera. This hipstamatic Cubism SnapPak is new, and I experimented with a lot of photos until I got this one of a magnificent sunset above the church and crane in the cityscape.



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