Apps Uncovered 16 June 2019

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

It’s my birthday today so I’ve indulged myself by choosing my favourite pic of all of the beautiful images this week. The image is by BLACK EYED SUZY (Susan Blasé) and from reading the description it appears that Susan is returning to her beloved dandelions and I believe we are all the better for it. Thank you Susan.  Her image is also aptly named “Color my wishes” and today my birthday wish is to spend some time doing what I love; looking for those beautiful moments and capturing them forever. I urge you to do the same (once you have enjoyed the images in this week’s post of course) I wish you all a fabulously creative Sunday!

Our gallery this week includes the following top iPhoneographers Damian De Souza, borisbschulz2009, Karen Axelrad, Jeremy Cassell, David DeNagel, Poetic Medium, Kathy Clay and Sergiy Beliayev

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You color my wishes

You colour my wishes by BLACK EYED SUZY (Susan Blasé)
Apps used: Tadaa, Artist, PicsArt and Afterlight.
Backstory: This photo was taken at my home, and I started out mainly taking photos of dandelions so this one was fun for me to get back to working with them. I used Tadaa to adjust focus and Artist to alter the overall color, but was just not feeling how I had hoped about it. So I used PicsArt to color some individual blooms. I finally used Afterlight to make it look like it was made using a vintage camera. I dedicated this photo to my love, hence the name.

Bus Stop

Bus stop by Damian De Souza

App used: Shot in Slow Shutter Cam and edited with Blender and Filterstorm
Backstory: I used SlowShutter Cam to photograph a woman waiting for a city bus
as I stood behind her. Her head didn’t fully register so I replaced it with a self-portrait done in profile in the dark with my face illuminated by a flashlight. Only one of her legs appeared and it was incomplete, so I added a foot from a different slow shutter photo in my camera roll. I then added a monkey’s tail I got from the internet. These adjustments were done in Image Blender. I used the clone tool in Filterstorm to remove some unwanted elements. I also used another app to shift the overall colour value of the image but cannot recall which one as it was quite a few years ago.

Observing the Observer

Observing the Observer by Karen Axelrad (Karenaxe)

App used: Hipstamatic with JohnS lens and MaximusLXIX film.
Backstory: I was at the Lotte Laserstein exhibit at the Berlinische Galerie in Berlin. I was shooting with Hipstamatic in the classic mode which was that week’s assignment for the Hipsta365 group on Facebook so it was a quick, straight shot with no post-processing, but I did wait for the right moment to capture the man. I used the shuffle function so took a number of shots as I didn’t know which combo I would get. This one brought out the colors on the walls and patterns on the floor.

life passing by

disjointed by Jeremy Cassell

App used: Shot with the Hipstamatic app using the John S Lens and BlacKeys XF Film.
Backstory: I went for a walk on the street I live on. I enjoy looking in the windows and seeing the reflections that are presented on them. This scene in this photo spoke to me. It reminded me of life passing by and what that might look like if we were able to capture it. I love that photography allows us to freeze life, so to speak.

Dead flowers

Dead flowers
App used: Edited in Snapseed and Stackables

she walks the city streets.....

she walks the city streets…

Apps Used: ?????

Backstory: ????


Descent by David DeNagel

App used: Shot with an iPhone7 Plus in telephoto mode. Processed with VSCO with fn16 preset.
Backstory: The image reflects the descent of a Canadian Goose on a local lake.  I used an iPhone 7 Plus in telephoto mode.  Because of the speed of the descent and the lighting conditions (nearing sunset) the shutter created a beautiful motion blur of the wings as the bird descended onto the lake.  I used VSCO FN16( Fuji Neopan 1600) for the black & white conversion.

***ode to life***🌼🌱✨🎶

***ode to life***

Apps used: •ᴵᴾᴴᴼᴺᴱ 7+
•ᶜᴬᴹᴱᴿᴬ+ 2
•ᴿᴺᴵ ᶠᴵᴸᴹˢ (Fuji Elite Chrome), ᴬᴰᴶᵁˢᵀᴹᴱᴺᵀˢ

Rainbow, cherries-16146

Rainbow, cherries-16146 by Poetic Medium

App used: iPod 5th & 6th gen
Apps: KitCam (Ghost Bird), Moldiv
App used: Color, color, color! Had to shoot it.

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