Apps Uncovered – 13 Sep 2020

Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered where, every week we round up the best iPhone shot and edited work from our iPC Flickr group.

We have some changes coming soon to iPhoneography Central over the next year. While I’ve been working on the brand new website, I’ve invited some guest selectors to curate the gallery starting later this month.

The response to the invitation to curate Apps Uncovered has been fantastic and I can’t wait to introduce you the fabulous photographer who will be running Apps Uncovered for the next few months as our Temporary Curator. We’ll also be inviting others who showed an interest in the Guest Selector role to guest select for the odd weekend. Get in touch if you’d like a chance to curate the Apps Uncovered gallery. More details below.

Want to be Guest Selector?

Email me at nicki@iPhoneographyCentral.com if you are interested in taking over the gallery for a week. As well as having a lovely time soaking up the latest iPhone art and photography, you are welcome to use this space to promote your own work and photography meanderings. Experience of WordPress preferred.

Huge thanks to Karen Axelrad for this week’s cleverly seen silhouette of the masked onlookers. Karen used no post-processing with this image proving that other than the essential camera, how the photographer’s eye views it’s surroundings is the most important faculty an image maker can possess. Thank you Karen for sharing your wonderful image with us.

Vernissage: Tide by Meng Huang

Vernissage by karen axelrad (karenaxe)
Apps used: Hipstamatic with JohnS lens, BlackeysSupergrain film and Triplecrown flash.

Backstory: At the Vernissage of the Meng Huang Show at the KangContemporary Gallery, the opening speeches were held outside as people waited to go inside in small numbers with masks. I chose a black and white setting to emphasize the silhouettes of the people backlit by the gallery lights. This photo is straight out of the camera with no post-processing.

Also rounding out the talent this week are the following creative iPhone image makers:

Jane Schultz, jun yamaguchi, Sherrianne100, Francoise Horle, Michael Hamments, Susan Detroy and rita colantonio.

Thank you for sharing your images with us at iPhoneography Central.

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✨ Luna ✨

Luna by @before.1st.light (Jane Schultz)
Apps used & Backstory:
This image tells a fairytale about a visionary who looked toward the sun, and walked into the the sky.
Apps: iPhone, Procreate, Artrage, Flowpaper, iColorama, Filterstorm

totally quiet time

totally quiet time by jun yamaguchi
Apps used: iPod touch’s camera / brushes+scratchcam fx+decim8+photoshop touch+deco sketch+vsco+phototoaster

The breakfast nook....

The breakfast nook…. by Sherrianne100
Apps used: Snapseed, and Pixlromatic for the frame.
Backstory: Last year as my husband and I drove through the little Missouri town of Appleton City, we decided to make a stop at the Zink Motor Company. It was an historic building, and we wanted to see the inside. Were we ever surprised! The company, which sells Ford cars and trucks, has been in business since1916. Besides the showroom downstairs, we were taken on a tour of the huge upstairs, which is actually a wonderful museum! There were antique cars and all kinds of signs and automotive memorabilia. My favorite part, however, was the old apartment that the original owner had used. It has been faithfully maintained, with all the old furniture and appliances from the 30s to the 50s. The kitchen, with its vintage Philco refrigerator and checkered table cloth, had such a warm, cozy feel to it–like being back in Grandma’s kitchen once again!

Courage (version romantique)

Courage (version romantique) by Francoise Horle

Apps used: Slow shutter cam + iColorama +Superimpose+iWatermark.
Backstory: The joy of jumping, taking off, feeling suspendended in midair. For this image I used three different photos: a snapshot of young men jumping into the river from the railings of the footbridge in my hometown Bern, a water surface image, and snapshots of clouds. I worked mainly in Procreate and used an Afterlight filter to create the atmosphere I was looking for. The text is taken form a French children’s song my mother used to quote: “Courage, dit sa mère, ouvre ton aile au vent”. It is about a swallow mother encouraging her chick to fly.

Metal Drops

Sunflower series. by rita colantonio
Apps used: Metabrush, iColorama
Backstory: I have always been fascinated by sunflowers. Recently I was fortunate enough to happen upon a neighbor’s sunflower garden. The time of day was perfect for shooting. I used my iphoneXsmax to shoot many of them from different angles. When I looked at my collection I could not decide which one I wanted to edit, because I loved so many of the images. I decided to create a series. Since the subject was quite simple, I thought my series should focus on different editing techniques. I challenged myself to create 8 separate versions of my sunflower images, each using a different app or entirely different editing technique. It proved to be a fun project and a learning experience as well.
For this particular version I started the editing in IColorama to flatten and simplify the image, adjusting the tone and blurring the background. Then I used Metabrush app. The brushstrokes created the feel of an expressionist painting. I liked the way the petals caught the light. I used various brushes and multiple layers. I then brought my image back into IColorama app for a bit more painting texture and sharpening to help create the illusion of thickened paint.
I was happy with the results, especially in the way the image seemed to be perfect for editing with Metabrush app!.



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