Apps Uncovered 13 January 2019

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Double trouble were the two words that sprung to mind when I saw this week’s lead image, “Nothing to see here” featuring a pair of “likely lads” shot by super talented street photographer Rob Pearson-Wright.

And so continues this week’s “double” theme, manifesting itself in repeated patterns and sets of two throughout most of the images showcased in this week’s gallery and a few that don’t follow the theme but were too good to leave out…Top talent this week comes from the following iPC Flickr artists:

Rob Pearson-WrightLouise Whiting, ritacall, Robert Laliberte, Occhio Privato,  Eduardo Llerandi, Paul Yan, Catherine Caddigan, Poetic MediumTomaso Belloni (x2),Laila, Erik Viggh, juta jazz, and Tricia Dewey.

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Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here by Rob Pearson-Wright

Apps used: Snapseed first to make small adjustments to the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambience and highlights. The lighting that day was very grey and overcast and the original image was a bit meh as a result. I then used VSCO with the preset A6 dialled down a bit to get the tone I felt was right.

Backstory: The backstory to this is as simple as they come.
I need to take the Underground / Tube to somewhere to meet my girlfriend. I notice these geezers in their flash attire and was immediately required to take their photo under street photography law 101. How could you not?


Gazelles – 1972 by louisecwhiting

Apps Used: Snapseed and Procreate.
Backstory: A photo of two of my vintage mannequins, I leant them together which I thought made quite a poignant image. I processed it in Snapseed which is the only app I use for mobile black and white photos. I then used Procreate to add a film grain texture and then I took it back to Snapseed to add a vignette.


Mannequin by Robert Laliberte
App used : This photo primarily uses Hipstamatic, with some edits done in Snapseed and Pixelmator
Backstory: This is a photo of a mannequin in a department store window display. It had a bit of a retro design that appealed to me, with bold colors and great textures. Hipstamatic filters help to accentuate this. I used Pixelmator to rework the area around the eyes, and Snapseed to add some selective edits and frame.

The Danish Royal Guard, Copenhagen

The Danish Royal Guard, Copenhagen by Occhio Privato
Apps used: Shot with Hipstamatic 353 on an iPhone SE set to Jack London lens and Ina’s 1982 film and then post processed in Hipstamatic only to remove the film and the frame (film: none; lens: Jack London).
Backstory: In Copenhagen everyday the Danish Royal Guard march from Rosenborg Castle to Amalienborg Palace where the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place at noon. I was near the Round Tower while the Royal Guard was marching in the streets, protected by police. I could’t resist to follow the Royal Guard to Amalienborg Palace.


Reunion by Eduard Llerandi

Apps Used: 
Procreate:To trace the original picture in a blank layer and then add some painting and textures.
iColorcama:To tone the colors and add more textures to the piece, looking for the grunge effect.
Decim8: To distort the image, several versions were saved and finally I decided on this one, this app is very unpredictable but sometimes you get a surprise.

Backstory: For the past couple years I’ve been creating a series called “Portrait of a Woman.” The images are self portraits, blended and mixed with environmental elements- nature, trees, water, lakes, bridges, sunsets, pathways. For me the series is about female, power, aging, strength.
The location is Golden Garden, Eugene,Oregon, one of my favorite places for walking, particularly at sunset. The group of ponds are in the city limits, a reclaimed an area connected to our urban waterway, leading to canal systems, reservoirs, rivers and to the ocean. For me the park and water have a feeling of healing and potentiality.
My intention is that my app driven art breaks through the cultural misconception of older women, proclaiming aging female in all her variations, how we are powerful, beautiful, vibrant, alive, deeply spiritual, active, smart, artistic to name just a few.
We are the world in all her parts, flora, fauna, all the human makings.

Never going back again

“Never going back again” by Paul Yan

Apps used: Phone: iPhone XS MAX and 7 Plus
Capture app: Slow Shutter Cam and ProCamera
Post Processing app: Snapseed


“She broke down and let me in
Made me see where I’ve been
Been down one time
Been down two times
I’m never going back again”

~Lindsay Buckingham~

This image is a composite with 2 photos. The blurry background was made with the XS MAX on Slow Shutter Cam while the lady’s profile was made with the 7 Plus on Procamera. The compositing and processing were done with Snapseed.

Toy (story)-15131

Toy (story)-15131 by Poetic Medium

Apps used: iPod 5th gen/6th gen, KitCam(GhostBird), Incredibooth, Snapseed and Moldiv.
Backstory: innocence lost


Raggedy by Catherine Caddigan
Apps used: Shot with iPhone 8 Plus. Edited with Diptic, Blender and Hipstamatic.

Backstory: I photographed “Raggedy” with my iPhone 8 Plus. This is a rag doll I have kept in a trunk for 60+ years with some other small treasures from my childhood. This was in response to a call for entry to a show entitled “Innocence Lost” After photographing this doll in two positions, I combined two photos in Diptic, then I used Image Blender to change the background, and finally into Hipstamatic to heighten the drama.

I have photographed this doll before with my “big girl” camera, she was a favorite subject of mine, however I left the door to the room I was working in open, and my dog chewed her up like she belonged to him! I am glad I have lots of photos of her.

New directions
New directions by Tomaso Belloni

Apps used: I shot with an iPhone 7plus, default camera and Snapseed for basic editing.

Backstory: Add a typical house on the Ligurian riviera with a fake brick structure painted upon it and a blue wooden panel to display artwork from a local shop, find the right composition and a new geometry comes out.

Everything new

Everything new by Tomaso Belloni
Apps used: I shot with an iPhone 7plus, default camera and Snapseed for basic editing.

Backstory: An already elaborated metal door had been adorned with red ribbons for Christmas, With the right light and framing it becomes something else.

Trees in the mist

Trees in the mist by Laila Bakker
Apps Used: Shot with iPhone 6 and processed with iColorama.
Backstory: Last week I was playing with iColorama and fell in love with the ‘flow’ style on trees. So I flicked through my photo favorites and gave this one the ‘flow’
I took this shot a year ago. Our photo club has a yearly photo chain. Inspired by the image you receive, you have two weeks to send in your reaction. My ‘inspiration’ was a tropical image of a bright green lizard, in the middle of the photo, peeking through a bar fence.
Close to the deadline I was cycling by this scene (Dutch polder landscape) and knew this was it. The mist through the bare trees, the reflection in the water and the green grass in the middle. I took the shot with my iPhone 6.

She lives in the graffiti.

She lives in the graffiti by ritacall

Apps Used: This portrait came to me from an online website Sktchy which features copyright free images to artists. Editing was done in iColorama and Snapseed.
Backstory: The graffiti texture is from my original photograph of graffiti I shot with my iPhone in Europe. I use my iPadPro and Apple Pencil for editing. Butterflies are from a brush in iColorama.
This image represents to me the duality of living a hardened city life with the sweet sensitive longings that harbor deep within.

The chair in the window

The chair in the window by Erik Viggh

App used: Shotoniphone and processed with iCPainter


“waha_2” by Juta Jazz

App used: procreate, photo, MonoVu, ArtRage
Backstory: As in most of my works, I’m starting my work with a human figure. Afterwards, letting to the flow of emotional conglomeration in the moment I was, guide me to the final results. Here it comes “waha_2”.

IMG_5207LAweb by Tricia Dewey

Apps used: Edited the on the iPad using a variety of apps: Superimpose X, Snapseed and Pixlr.t..

Backstory: New figurative piece in the “Obscured” series. This time I used a photo of one of my handmade dolls. All other images [elements] are my own artwork.

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com