Apps Uncovered 13 Sep 2013

Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered – the weekly feature where iPC selects just 12 of the many hundreds of iPhone images submitted to the iPC Flickr group. Pat StH takes this week’s top spot – a frank black and white portrait of a girl with a ball. There is some subtle painterly treatment here which softens much of the picture around the girl’s face drawing our attention towards her hard stare. I love the contradictions here of the big grubby ball and the frilly, patterned dress, the long girlish, fly-away hair coupled with the frank expression on her face. Summer draws to a close in the UK, the rain and winds have started, the darker evenings have started to close in and you will see this reflected in my black and white image choices this week. Enjoy the work of these amazing mobile artists work and we invite you to continue to share your best work with iPC!

Tom boy.

Tom boy. by BlacksmithPat


Backstory/Apps used: Phone 5, Snapseed, Glaze and then Blender. I then applied a good amount of painterly effect to bring out my subjects face. That mobile look is important in my pictures. I love it when you can tell that ” This is a mobile picture”   I then feel that I have accomplished my job.



Far Away Eyes

Far Away Eyes by Paolo Berni

Backstory/Apps used: I took the photograph using the ProCamera app. As well as being able to easily control focus and exposure, it has a handy full screen shutter option which is great for candid photography. After I simply put it through Snapseed, tweaked it on ‘Tune Image’ then adjusted it on ‘Center Focus’ before finally putting through the black and white filter until I was happy.



lines by Jennifer Bracewell

Backstory/Apps used:

I took this shot while walking my little Boston terrier last week. I liked how all of the lines intersected and paralleled, and juxtaposed with her stout little frame.

I took this with hipstamatic Oggl using the Tinto 1884 lens and BlackKeys XF film in Snapseed I added and tweaked the contrast a bit.




Untitled by Ade Santora

Backstory/Apps used: Photo taken and edited with iphone3GS, apps: ProCamera, PhotoForge2, Afterlight, iColoramaS, Superimpose, Picfx, Photo Power.




Waterloo by Mark Walton1

Backstory/Apps used: 6×6 for iPhone




No._4658 iPhone4s+PerspectiveCorrect+SnapSeed+iDesign+ImageBlender

Page67_Lynette Jackson

Backstory/Apps used: iPhone 4s with Perspective Correct, Snapseed, iDesign and Image Blender




Stealing a kiss

Stealing a kiss by Petyr Campos

Backstory/Apps used: 6×7



The old and the new...

The old and the new…by Steven Cloke

Backstory/Apps used: Shot on the iPhone with hipstamatic, wirelessly transferred to the ipad for cropping and a little touch up work.




Smoky portrait 4

Smoky portrait 4 by cedric blanchon

Backstory/Apps used: To be confirmed




Just an average Laguna Beach shot #avgcampro

Just an average Laguna Beach shot #avgcampro by Dirk Dallas

Backstory/Apps used: I used a Joby Gorillapod to keep my iPhone still. I shot the image via the app Avg Cam Pro, then edited it in Photoforge 2 and Snapseed.



Towards the River

Towards the River by Sarah Jarrett

Backstory/Apps used: To be confirmed





Untitled by Wayne Greer

Backstory/Apps used: To be confirmed




Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of


  1. Tracy Mitchell Griggs said:

    I wish you guys would only select photos where the artist back story AND apps are provided 🙂 The focus and tilte of your column is “uncovered” – You dilute this by selecting images then say “to be confirmed” and then to select multiple images each week where this info is not provided is kinda annoying – too bad, as the idea is good and I usually like the images selected

  2. Bob WeilBob Weil said:

    You’re absolutely correct, Tracy. We’ve gotten a bit lax in this area, and it’s not really fair to those who diligently provide this information. We’ll be making this change this coming week – although we haven’t required the back story in the past, that’s optional. Thank you for reminding us of our mission.

  3. Tracy Mitchell Griggs said:

    Thanks and nice to see you jumped on the suggestion – and you are right – there are tons of sites to get image galleries, but few that provide thoughtful information on image processing and how the artist achieved the image. This is what sets you apart – look forward to more apps “uncovered.” Cheers!~