Apps Uncovered – 12 July 2020

Abstract image made of central vertical lines and outer rough waves either side

Here’s this week’s photo picks for the weekly iPhone photography gallery Apps Uncovered. 

Thanks to New Instant Autocrat (J B) for our intriguing abstract feature image this week. Scroll down to see how it was created.

Also rounding out the Apps Uncovered group this week are images from the following top iPhoneography talent:

i2pixel, Clix2020 (Clint Cline), oola cristina, Jean Hutter, powisquare81 (J Bro),  Erik Viggh, Sherriane100 and lydiacassatt (Lydia Cassatt).

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Lines by New Instant Autocrat (J B)
Apps used: Shot with iPhone and edited with Photoshop
Backstory: This photo (actually it is a composite of two photos) was taken on the ferry journey between Vancouver BC and Victoria BC. On the top deck I had my iPhone with me and at various places I held it over the railing facing directly down at the wake being generated from the side of the vessel. I took several shots, all in Pano mode. The camera focussed on the moving water and took these perfectly straight, beautiful horizontal images of the ocean wake. In each photo the static elements on the side of the ship got ‘stretched’ into these coloured lines at the base of each photo (the white lines are simply the side of the ship, the dark blue was a light fixture; the orange line was the edge of the lifeboat on the deck below me). When I looked at the photos at home, my wife suggested putting two of them together. In Photoshop I simply took two of them, inverted one, and joined them together. I thought it looked better as a vertical image, so I changed it in that way as well. So yeah, two linear panos taken from the side of a ferry and joined together vertically — that’s it.

Just let me rest — and dream for a while...

Just let me rest — and dream for a while…by i2pixel

Apps used: iPhone 11 Pro and Photoshop Express
Backstory: I live in an urban neighborhood but am lucky enough to also live in walking distance of a (man-made) pond. In recent months I have made it a habit to drink my morning coffee there and take a walk around it. On this particular morning, I saw this dragonfly and could relate to it — tired from its duties, looking at its own reflection and dreaming up a lovely fantasy.

They were lost somewhere, those memories. Now just dust and shadow.

They were lost somewhere, those memories. Now just dust and shadow. by i2pixel

Apps used: iPhone 11 Pro and PS Express to crop, convert to BNW and adjust contrast

Backstory: I start off every morning opening the curtains in my kitchen and enjoying a cup of coffee. The sunlight streams in highlighting items here and casting shadows there. On this particular morning my attention was drawn to a collection of empty miniature frames I have on a shelf. For years I’ve been wanting to fill them but never think of a memory (photo) precious enough to honor in such a way. So there they sit, empty.

Formations | 19

Formations | 19 by clix2020 (Clint Cline)

Apps used: Hipstamatic, defqt, Darkroom, Stackables, Snapseed, SuperimposeX
Backstory: The Formations series began as many of my sequenced pieces do, at the foot of a logjam. They are as a whole a stretching exercise, a technique I use to get on the other side of a creative dry spot. In this case I was determined to explore depth and spatial dimension using existing elements and images from my camera roll and archives. The backbone app in the series is SuperimposeX where most all the elements were composited at some point in the process.

Formations 19 was an inflection point in the series that leaned into the addition of a strong y-axis perspective. This piece in particular was the genesis for five other pieces in the series (23, 25-28) exploring that same y-axis dimension. It also contains an expression of contrast between dark and light which is a recurring theme in my work

"sunday morning"

“sunday morning” by oola cristina

Apps used: snapseed, hipstamatic, artstudio pro, formulas, mextures and SuperimposeX.
Backstory: It was too sunny when I took this photo of some lacecap hydrangeas in my yard. The flowers appeared washed out and lacked definition; the background, a tangle of foliage. I liked the shape of the blooms though, so wanted to see if I could create something out of what initially appeared to be a throw away shot that had a vintage look, evoked a feeling or inferred a story, and was also beautiful.

I did the initial tuning in Snapseed. Then ran the image through some of my favorite filter apps — a couple of them, more than once — until I lost most of the foliage in the background and found the color, light, texture and feel I wanted. I ended up with several versions I liked. The two I liked best, I blended in Artstudio Pro. Then, finished the image with another pass through Mextures. I completed the editing in the early hours of Sunday morning as the sun was starting to come up.

Blue Rectangle

Blue Rectangle by powisquare81 (J Bro)
Apps used: Shot with iPhone 11.
Backstory: It was taken at Duke Point, an industrial area near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. I was driving around looking for things to photograph and found several houses that had been moved to this gravel field, awaiting transport. I took lots of photos with my iPhone 11. One of the houses was damaged in being uprooted, and so was covered in plastic, as seen in this photo. Editing was needed: some other houses on each side and some clutter I had to edit out with Photoshop. I also changed the sky to give it more mood. The end result is what you see here.

Shadows on the wall

Shadows on the wall by Erik Viggh

Apps used & Backstory: The only app I used was Photoshop Express to process the photo taken on a moments notice when I saw the shadow on the living room wall

Man Cave Illuminated

Man Cave Illuminated

Apps used & Backstory: This shot was taken during a break from working at home. I used the Lens Distortions app to add the background and make the picture black and white.

Summer at the lake....

Summer at the lake by Sherrianne100

Apps used: Snapseed.

Backstory: During the summer, our family has always spent many afternoons out on the lake, first with our children in a brand new pontoon boat. Now we go with our children and grandchildren in a very old, weathered pontoon boat. This summer it seems especially important to have a safe getaway. On this particular Saturday, we had spent a lovely afternoon with family, in separate boats for social distancing. We tied up the boat, covered it, and began the trek up the hill to our car. It had been such a perfect day, and as I turned around for one last look, this was my view.

Blue night

Blue Night by lydia cassatt (Lydia Cassatt)

Apps used: I took this photograph on the 4th of July with my iPhone11X Pro and edited it with the Hipstamatic app.
Backstory: The Hipstamatic combo that I used is: Kutako Lens, Love 81 Film and Cadet Blue Gel Flash. I love some texture in my photographs and it was accentuated by shooting this view in a low light situation. The fog was rolling in that night and some neighbors were setting off fireworks. I love the reflection of the fireworks in the water.



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