Apps Uncovered – 11 January 2014

(Selected by Bob Weil)

This week’s Apps Uncovered includes an amazing array of talent, and mixing a number of new contributors with regulars and returnees. Contributors include Vanessa Vox, leading off this week’s selections, James Metcalf, Cary Larrabee, iris.river, _N_X_, J.A.D.A., Geri Centonze, Leon (Apped.As), MomentsForZen, pam Morris, iColorama (Teresita Alonso, creator of the amazing iColorama iPad app), Yitian Zhang (c_onnie), Michal Koralewski, Damian De Souza and Aylin Argun (xxfromneptune). The first image by Vanessa Vox (Miss Skywalker) artfully conveys with a self-portrait a sense of strength and self-confidence. For me, this image suggests that there’s a natural tension between reality and dream (aspiration?) and that this is a positive and necessary aspect of life. But your guess is as good as mine – Vanessa writes in her Backstory: “I intended to create something obscure, which leaves the result open to different interpretations.”

(If you’d like to see your images in the running for selection to our weekly Apps Uncovered feature, be sure to list the apps you used to create your image when you upload it to the iPhoneographyCentral Flickr group. (And as an added bonus to other members who would love to learn from your successes, consider adding the “Backstory” describing the creative process that led you to capture and process the image as you did.)

Miss Skywalker

Miss Skywalker by Vanessa Vox

Apps used:
iPhone Camera
SlowShutter Camera

Backstory: Self-portraits are one of my favorite challenges. It is stimulating and surprising to play with the camera and to experiment spontaneously with body language. I composed “Miss Skywalker“ using three photos: A self-portrait, a big moon and white dots like stars The main shot is a part of a long session in collaboration with Orlando Bay during a photoshoot. We spent a full-moon night on our terrace and we played with lamps and mirrors to get more light. And the frame of the window fixed my body during the exposure time. It was really crazy! I could not (and should not) move. In Superimpose I put the figure in the foreground and extracted it. Then I rotated it to get the look of jumping. The new background was a big textured moon. I can always access a huge collection of own pics for layering work. PhotoWizard and PhotoToaster enabled me to obtain greater sharpness and to improve the light/shadows. Playing with Grunge, Glaze and DistressedFX brought more texture and delicate colored life into the pic. Blender is very good to mix different versions to get the best final result. At this point the white dots also found their way into the sky.

I intended to create something obscure, which leaves the result open to different interpretations. This is because I don’t like uni-dimensional statements.

Portrait of a Dead Soul

Portrait of a Dead Soul by Damian De Souza

Apps Used:

Native Camera
Image Blender

Backstory: I began with an image that I haven’t completed, but thought I would play with in iColorama. It’s a Hipstamatic self-portrait which I had blended (Image Blender) with a photograph of the amazing bark of a tree I first came across in Hawaii and then in Santa Monica. The eye belongs to a toad I photographed last summer. The image is fairly complex and detailed. In iColorama I used one of the filters in the Effects section to create a base, and then applying one of the splatter brushes in the Painterly section of Style, I exposed specific areas of the original.


Padma by Aylin Argun (xxfromneptune)

Apps Used: I took this photo with İphone4 camera and used the MonoVu, Blender and Snapseed to process it.


Untitled by Yitian Zhang

Apps Used:

Hipstamatic (Loftus)
BlacKeys Extra Fine

Backstory: Scene in Vietnam

Fin de règne végétal

Fin de règne végétal by _N_X_

Apps Used:


Backstory: When I work on a landscape, I try to pay attention to two elements. The first, and most important, is the light and the second, lesser element, is the texture.

The light is really a key issue for me and I try to make it in the strongest sense of the word melancholy. In a way , this is a light that is reminiscent of dusk, the end of the day ( while , in most cases, my pictures are taken in the early afternoon), but it is also and most importantly, a dim light, as captured just after its end, when it is no longer there but its memory is still floating gently in the air.

Texture plays a role somewhat similar to me. Add texture to a landscape and this takes away the photographic nature of the real landscape: it is no longer an accurate reflection of the reality that we had before our eyes, but it still recalls it with a subtle difference that wants to say that the link with real life is broken, that when we took the photo it belongs to a past that can not be resurrected.

In short, the editing work on a landscape is a way for me to reflect the passage of time and loss .

The app that is most useful to me in this effort is Superimpose. As with most of my landscapes, I started by spending time in Snapseed playing with Retrolux effect, and then I mixed the original version and the new version in Superimpose for a point of departure. Then I made ​​several versions of this image with Lo-Mob (News Emulsion and Instant Wide) that I mixed with the previous image using Superimpose. I increased the lighting in Mextures Landscape with Enhance (mainly Forestry), and I then processed the texture (still in Mextures) with Grunge. I finished work on the texture in DistressedFX. Again, so that the texture is present without being too strong, I made ​​a version of the image with DistressedFX and in Superimpose I mixed it with the image obtained with Mextures. To further enhance the light, I processed the resulting image in Photocopy .

The title of the photo evokes the passage of time by referring to the time I took this photo. It was indeed the day before the snow starts to fall, when all of the plant world, already at end of a year’s life, is buried and disappears during the winter months.

iColorama 2014

iColorama 2014 by iColorama (Teresita Alonso)

App Used: iColorama

Backstory: The horse image was brushed in iColorama using the “Artist” preset. It is a preset that collects colors from the image and try to reconstruct it in an artistic variant. Coming with iColorama 3.71 the app offers the possibility to add shadows to the brushes strokes: it gives an impression of volume to the image. These shadows are used here with the brush pattern. In some places, I just masked the text with a fine brush.

iColorama is a very experimental app, and I hope users will have fun with what comes in each version every 3 weeks. Strokes with shadows are something to try!

La grande arche de la tour Eiffel

La grande arche de la tour Eiffel by James Metcalf

Apps Used:


Backstory: I love to take pictures and I love to paint. The iPhone and iPad are perfect companions for travel and editing. I took this photo when we went to Paris, France this last summer. The Eiffel Tower was so immense it took my breath away. I could not take enough photos of this magnificent structure. The iPad is a wonderful tool to create with. I opened this image in Snapseed and adjusted the brightness and contrast and saturation and saved the image. Next I opened it up in Repix and continued to adjust the image using those marvelous brushes… adding a wonderful drawing/painting effects and saved the image. Then I opened the image in ScratchCam. I haven’t used that app in a while. I added an additional texture and this wonderful orange coloration and saved the image. My final step was to open my image in Procreate to add several layers for strokes, textures and my signature. I like Procreate so I can enhance the painted image appearance and I can turn layers off and on until I feel the image is complete.

The Snow Brush

The Snow Brush by Cary Larrabee (Skeletoyz)

Apps Used:

645 Pro – KII setting
Tangled FX

Since I work days during the week, my main day to shoot is Saturday. I’ve been waiting for falling snow in the morning to get some gray, snowy landscape shots and finally had the opportunity to do so a few weeks ago. This photo was taken in an area that is a favorite of mine for shooting source material for the photo art style I like to produce. This day was cold and snowy and perfect for the look I was out to achieve. These snow covered bushes were bathed in a brightly muted morning light, snow and fog in the distance created a natural opaque background for adding texturing layers later. I like the simple beauty of this scene and was going for a painterly look with the sky and foreground working together as a canvas with the snow covered bushes and trees the primary focus.

just a little tenderness

just a little tenderness by iris.river

Apps Used:

Foxy Lens
BlacKeys XF Film

Backstory: I came across this tiny kitten after she climbed under the hood of my car for safety on a cold night. I heard a small “meow” when I got into my car, and opened the hood to find her wedged in the engine. I took her into the house and my son, who is typically rambunctious and energetic in nature, helped me bathe and feed her and tend to a small cut under her eye. Since then, I have witnessed a tender and loving side of him that I have not typically seen before. The way he gently strokes her back and looks deeply and lovingly into her eyes is something I could never put into words. It’s moments like these that make me truly understand and appreciate my passion for photography.

A little bit of patience

A litte bit of patience by J.A.D.A.

Apps Used:


Backstory: I wanted to see if the native IPhone camera could capture a droplet falling from an icicle. It took me several minutes to time the droplet. I could have used an app or the video to capture the image but I wanted a challenge. I was able to get 3 good images and I choose this one. I cropped the image in Snapseed and used a slight adjustment in noise master.

Portrait of a Boy

Portrait of a Boy by Geri Centonze

Apps Used:

Limited Color
Sketch Club

Backstory: This is a photo of my grandnephew Toring taken at a 4th of July barbecue at my sister’s house. I loved the forlorn look in his eyes and wanted to edit this in a painterly way but still preserve that haunting look which is why I wanted his hair, body and background to almost blend into one. I used the Limited Color app to achieve the coloring. Although Limited Color has a pretty clunky user interface I do like some of the results I’ve achieved with it. Then I took it into Effexy where I applied the Hand Shake effect to the image. I combined these two versions using Sketch Club and did some final tweaking in Snapseed. My aim with most of my images is to take a rather mundane photo and make it into something more. I hope I have accomplished that with this one.

The fire eater

The fire eater by Michał Koralewski

Apps Used:

Image Blender
Color Manager

Backstory: I took this photo on 6th of january. It’s a big christian feast day. We commemorate the visit of the Magi to the Baby Jesus this day. It’s a free day, so I took my children to Poznań to see the Three Magi parade (the parade with horses, lots of masqueraders, fire eaters, choirs concert, about 10 thousands visitors). This fire eater symbolized Satan who tried to dissuade us from going to “Bethlehem.”

I used Snapseed to crop the image, TouchRetouch to remove unvanted objects and Color Manager to remove all the colors except yellow.


Office by pam Morris

Apps Used:

Hipstamatic for Iphone
Lens: Loftus
Film: D-Type Plate

Backstory: I didn’t do anything special at all to set the shot up. It’s a matter of playing around with different lens/film combos until I find one I like. What I always hope to accomplish with my photos are to show people a part of America that is fast disappearing. The America of road trips on the small highways, when a car trip was an adventure. That’s what I always hope to accomplish.

The Store With Beautiful Things - Chinatown Street Art - 20131207

The Story With Beautiful Things – Chinatown Street Art 20131207 by MomentsForZen

Apps Used:

iPhone 5s – Photograph taken with the camera on an iPhone 5s.
Camera – The native Camera app was used with the HDR option.
Snapseed – Image straightened then cropped to 16:9 format.
Leonardo – Image resized to 3264 x 1836 pixels, retaining the 16:9 format.
FrontView – Trapezoidal crop applied to alter the apparent perspective.
Filterstorm Neue – White balance and temperature adjustments applied.
Snapseed – HDR filter applied. Overall lighting adjustments carried out.
Leonardo – Hue and saturation adjustments applied.
PhotoShop Touch – Noise Reduction and Sharpening filters applied. Final overall lighting adjustments applied.
ExifEditor – EXIF data from the original image transferred to the final image.

Backstory: Photograph taken on Clay Street, near the intersection with Grant Street. The text written above the dragon says it all! Another example of the superb street art from Chinatown in San Francisco. And having looked at this mural, how could you then resist the temptation to take a look at “the store with beautiful things”?

Tangled Painted Flower

Tangled Painted Flower by Leon (Apped.As)

Apps Used:

Photo effect

Backstory: This shot was taken using a home made light box, a simple flat sheet of white plastic with the gloss sanded off until matt. A curve is created by bending and holding it in place by paper clips and nylon fishing line. I use another smaller piece of plastic sheet to sit on top to help diffuse the light if it’s too strong. The image was shot using Oggl set on Yoona Lens and the Blanko 012 Film, love this combination very much. For this image I put it through many apps (listed) to try and create a painterly effect, the flower heads were blended to weaken the Glaze effect and bring out more of the Tangled effect.
The weather here in Wellington New Zealand over the Christmas/New Year break has been marginal, so have been forced to photograph inside on the kitchen table using only side light from a window. The flowers from this series are from Mary’s garden, our simply lovely neighbour.

Bob Weil

Bob is the co-author of The Art of iPhone Photography (with Nicki Fitz-Gerald), published by Rocky Nook photography books and supports Nicki in managing iPhoneography Central and the associated Flickr group.


  1. Danny said:

    Beautiful set of images and inspiring as usual!

    Thank you for including my image ” a little bit of patience” in this week’s Apps Uncovered.

  2. Apped As said:

    Hi Bob, thank you again for choosing one of my images for this weeks Apps Uncovered.

    Absolutely love “Padma” and J.A.D.A’s Droplet, just magic.

    Apped As

  3. Vanessa Vox said:

    Thanks so much Bob for letting “Miss Skywalker” fly through iphoneographycentral! Thanks also for your great comment. Love your interpretation!
    Very interesting to read all the backgrounds from so many beautiful pics ♡

    • Bob WeilBob Weil said:

      Absolutely my pleasure, Vanessa – it was also fun throwing my own spin on Miss Skywalker. Just loved the image (and it was fascinating to hear about all the work that went into it!)

  4. Geri Centonze said:

    I am honored to be included along with these wonderful images. I enjoyed the backstory on each of them and appreciate the processing notes! Thank you Bob!

    • Bob WeilBob Weil said:

      It’s great to have you part of this week’s selections, and I’m glad that you find the Backstories interesting – we really think that adds a lot to the experience!

  5. MomentsForZen said:

    I loved the images and their backstories – very inspiring and energizing. Thank-you for including my work in such company.

    … MomentsForZen

    • Bob WeilBob Weil said:

      Wonderful having your work in Apps Uncovered, and thanks for contributing to our Flickr group. So glad you find it inspiring!

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