Apps Uncovered – 10 May 2020 PLUS new Mobile Art Classes.

My huge apologies for the late post this week. As some of you might know, I’ve been working hard (and having fun – see screenshot filming in my garden below) creating a new mobile photo art course launching in just a couple of weeks. I’ll be sharing all of my new discoveries creating digital collages collages from my iPhone photos using Procreate app and some of other favourite apps. If you’re interested in the classes please sign up to the newsletter for further information & launch dates: https://tinyurl.com/uxpz34e

I hope you’ll join me!

Filming at home for the new Mobile Art course launching soon.

So….back to our round-up of this week’s wonderful images. One reassuring aspect of life to come out of this uncertain time is the persistency and determination of life itself, particularly in our gardens, balconies and window sills. It’s wonderful to look at your quiet moments of buds emerging and flowers blooming captured through the lens of your iPhone. Thanks so much to Mireille Levennez for her Purple Heart image of bellflowers pushing through the ferns. The green pattern formed by the ferns keeps us focussed on the centre “purple heart” appearing to nurture and encourage the small purple flowers. Wonderful image Mireille. Thank you.

Rounding out the rest of the group this week are the following photographers and artists:

Mark Swanson, Sergiy Beliayev, Fleur Schim, Nigel Reader, Catherine Caddigan, Francesca Ambrosi, iPphoneArtGirl(Meri Walker), Dragan Fly, J Bro, i2pixel (Cintia) and Kent DuFault

If you’d like a chance to be featured in this weekly showcase, please remember to include your apps and backstories with your photos. Thank you, as always for submitting your amazing work.- For a chance to feature, please join our Flickr group. 

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Thank you all for contributing your wonderful images and we look forward to discovering the stories and techniques behind them. If you have any questions regarding this feature, please email Nicki at nicki@iPhoneographyCentral.com

Purple Heart
Purple Heart by Mireille Levenez

Apps used: iPhone XS
Backstory: My photo entitled “Purple Heart” [depicts a] fern [with] bellflowers in the middle, growing by themselves in my garden along the house. The shot with an iPhone XS was taken above the plants, [the] second attempt was the good one, at 20:25 in France (UTC+2:00), and was surprised about the exact reproduction of the colors.

Brin de muguet porte-bonheur (in explore)
Brin de muguet porte-bonheur by Mireille Levenez

Apps Uncovered: Shot with iPhone XS using the square format.
Backstory: As it’s a tradition in France to offer Lily-in-the-valley on that day [1st May]. I took the photo however on April 21 at 19:18 in France (UTC+2:00), as the flowers were early this year in my garden in Versailles, and choose a square format. I’m using an iPhone Xs ; keeping close in my area during lockdown period…

Wood Anemone
Wood Anemone by Mark Swanson

Wood Anemone by Mark Swanson
Apps used: I shot this using my iPhone XR and the ProCamera App. The image was then edited on my iPad using Snapseed. I increased the saturation slightly, even though with the rain the flower and background were already saturated. I also cropped the image to remove some unwanted grass that was distracting. The final step was a little vignette to highlight the flowers.

Backstory: I was hiking through a State Park near my home on a rainy Spring day looking for some colors in the woods, following a few months of winter. Of course these wildflowers caught my eye so I walked around to find the best perspective and composition that I thought really showed the details. I loved the rain so I wanted to show this in the photo as well. After editing this photo, I searched a wildflower identification website to understand what this flower is which made it fun to learn something along the way.

Springing to Life
Springing to Life by Mark Swanson

Springing to Life by Mark Swanson
Apps used: I shot this using my iPhone XR and the ProCamera App. The image was then edited on my iPad using Snapseed. I increased the saturation slightly, then cropped around the edges of the image to make the plant more prominent, and then sharpened the image to show the details.
Backstory: I was enjoying a walk along the main trail through a forest when I decided to head into the woods to look for signs of Spring. Just a few feet off of the trail were several plants growing up, and so I selected a single one to detail instead of a wider angle view including several of them. This is one of the first plants showing Spring colors that I was able to capture this year. I am looking forward to seeing the changing colors each week now as I plan to continue these nature walks.

▻breath_of_spring◅🎥🌱🌸 by Sergiy Beliayev

Apps used: The photo was shot on iPhone 7 Plus with Camera +2 app (in Macro mode). Then I processed the image in Hipstamatic app (‘Elijah’ lens, ‘Manneken’ film, ‘Jolly Rainbo 2X’ flash and some adjustments like ‘exposure’, ‘sharpen, ‘temperature’ etc.). After that it came a turn of RNI Films app. Used ‘Agfa Vista 100’ preset and made some more adjustments. Finally, I baked image with Mextures app, using my own formula HHVLMZR.

Verdant by Fleur Schim (fleurschim)

Apps used & Backstory: This image was captured on my daily hike in the nearby canyon. March showers = May flowers! The dazzling yellow blooms are really out of control; taking over and constricting the path. I have been walking this path repeatedly, and photographing various views. That morning, the hedge was luminescent. I squatted down, and captured the view with my iphone11pro. Later, on my iPad pro, I tuned the image in Snapseed, then added texture and depth in DistressedFX. Icolorama has wonderful painting and watercolor filters that enhanced the image. I blended the icolorama effect with the DistressedFX result, then edited in simply watercolor. The net result was a painterly, blurred mass of yellow flowers with dazzling greenery.

Fanciful by Fleur Schim (fleurschim)

Apps used & Backstory: My Matilda Poppy has bloomed! I was very excited to see this extraordinary flower, the other day. It looks like a “Sunny side up”. Some call it a “Fried egg” poppy. I captured this gorgeous flower with my iphone11pro shooting with the Camera+2 app, for a close up view. I primarily edited in Snapseed, with the goal to blur out the unpleasing background. After I tuned the flower sharply, (and saved), I then I (un)tuned the image–meaning drawing the slider to the left, for minimal detail. I did the same with “structure”. I saved each attempt, and blended until I was able to successfully reveal the delicate flower and minimize visual distractions.

Fading beauty
Fading Beauty by Fleur Schim (fleurschim)

Apps used & Backstory: This image is a scene that I captured on my iphone11pro. There are abundant flowers on this path. Some of these California daisies are a little past their prime, but beautiful, none the less. I used the shooting app Camera+2, for a closer up view. I edited the image on my iPad Pro, in Snapseed, (tuning and a little glamour glow). Then, I brought it into Simply Watercolor, for a painterly effect. I blended the Snapseed version with this version, then edited in Icolorama, to get an enhanced watercolor effect. I added texture within the “paper” filter, and blended this version with the previous Simply Watercolor/Snapseed version. The final result is both dreamy and ethereal

After The Rain
After the Rain by Nigel Reader

Apps used & Backstory: We have a few lupin plants in the garden and I’ve noticed how the leaves not only have a very distinctive star shape but also collect water in the centre point. To me this is a feature just as interesting as the flowers are to the gardener! This image was taken just as light rain was easing off. The native iPhone wide angle camera was used. Processing was in Snapseed (my favourite and “go to” app). This image made use of a multi stage process that I’ve saved as my own pre-set. This includes Tune Image, Curves (to increase contrast a little), Details, HDR Scape (gently) and then Tonal Contrast and Vignette. Black and White and Frames is also within the pre-set. Finally a little adjustment with Brush finishes off the image.

Remembering you
Remembering You by Catherine Caddigan

Apps used: Hipstamatic and Stackables
Backstory: This little arrangement is what is left of various flowers that we received on the death of my husband’s twin brother to ALS. I often don’t discard flowers as they die, I find the process and the end result sometimes more beautiful than the original bountiful bouquets – in their own way. These elements came from two arrangements, and I have been winnowing down to this elegant little arrangement. It was the first time I decided to photograph something in Hipstamatic rather than just bring it in for the processing.

Cartoline dalla Quarantena
Cartoline dalla Quarantena by Francesca Ambrosi

Apps used: Snapseed
Backstory: In this strange situation of lockdown and Coronavirus spreading across the World, these flowers decided to bloom. They are my first flowers ever.
Life goes on. Nature goes on.
It’s all about rhythm and flow and blooming again.

Water by Dragan Fly

Apps used: Taken with iP6s with Camera+ 2 app set to macro. Touched with Snapseed.
Backstory: My photography is generally the outcome of an impulsive moment. This image is of a Super Bell in one of my hanging baskets, with this one off my mailbox post. We had rain and I went to check the mail. As I began to venture back, I noticed the water droplets on the flowers. The bright overcast light was perfect. I pulled out my phone, chose the Camera+ 2 app, which has a great macro tool, and took a few shots. I most always finish an image with Snapseed

Fence / Green
Fence / Green by powisquare81 (J Bro)

Apps used: no apps on phone were used. I took the photo in pano mode, then re-edited with Photoshop (I had to remove an electrical pole that could not be avoided when i took the shot).
Backstory: There’s not a lot to do these days but walk. I was exploring some neighbourhoods nearby and took a footpath between two streets and saw this trimmed hedgerow. The contrast between the cut branches, the greenery, and the sky caught my eye. To get that flattened effect I walk parallel to the subject in a line; a “linear pano”. Then I edit it in Photoshop for the final result.

The number one challenge is staying exactly parallel to the subject matter whilst walking with the camera and facing your subject at the same time — that’s the key to keeping everything uniform. I had to try this photo three times to get it right.

As an aside, some guy walked buy while I was taking the photo and gave me weird look — like I’m some lurking oddball secretly filming a stranger’s shrub. It’s a very conspicuous method of photo taking, but in this case I’m pleased with the result, so it was worth it.

She Needed a Little Space to Recover Herself.
She Needed A LIttle Space to Recover Herself by TheiPhoneArtGirl (Meri Walker)

Apps used: I made the shot with Camera+2 so it started in color but the more I worked with it the more distracting the color became in relation to the forms. I decided to take it into Blackie and iColoramaS to adjust tones. Then I used TouchRetouch and LightBrush to clean up tiny areas that distracted from the classic forms.

Backstory: Even as a child, the blossoming of Japanese Magnolia trees in the early spring sent me into a kind of frenzy of joy. I find their shape and coloration and the lifecycle of their blossoms endlessly fascinating. No different this year.

The tricky part for me in photographing them is getting to them because three of my neighbors’ trees are getting really tall. Getting me and my iPhone up to where the blossoms are is becoming more difficult each year. I climb on anything I can find, even with my newly replaced hip.

This shot is the last image I made before I radically displaced my new hip close to two weeks ago, so this edit carries a level of meaning for me that extends beyond the beauty of the blossom.

I brought the photo into this state lying on the bed propped up with pillows about five days after the ordeal of being taken to the ER (in the middle of COVID-19) to get my hip put back into place. So the title is both tongue-in-cheek and ever so serious.

The evidence of water caught in the cup of the blossom was just as important to me as the rest of the detail in this shot. This blossom looked to me like it had recently been made love to in a ravaging rain.

My walk that evening
• My walk that evening • by i2pixel (Cintia)

Apps used: PhotshopExpress and Photofox.
Backstory: I love going for walks. Lately have been going either in the early morning or just after sunset, when the streets are empty. Trying to use the experience to relax while getting some exercise. For the first time, I felt a little nervous being out. It was a strange feeling. Maybe it was a recent trip to the grocery store (lines, masks, some empty shelves) or watching too many frustrating press conferences? IDK. I got over it, am resilient by nature, but creating this helped a lot. Though cooking a nice meal or painting that cabinet in the living room might have helped just as much. 🙂
Stay healthy, physically and mentally, my friends. We’re in this together. <3

The Expectant Cat
The expectant Cat by Kent DuFault

Apps used: Shot with iPhone 11pro and processed in Snapseed and Instagram.
Backstory: A favorite spring and summer activity at our house is grilling our dinner in the backyard. I had just lit the grill, so the flames were pretty bright. I looked up and saw our cat, Lolita, watching me from the window- her eyes glowing in the fading light. It was the perfect picture opportunity and one that is definitely getting printed and going up on our wall.