Murmurs – Apps Uncovered 10 Feb 2019

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

As I began looking through this week’s images looking for a possible theme, the word “murmurs” emerged as a suitable word that seemed to catch the mood of some of these pieces; from Clint Cline’s seductive abstracts to David Ingraham’s otherworldly figurative, yet still murmuring umbrella piece “When the Rain Comes”, the image that cleanly steals the top spot this week. Words formed quietly, not quite sentences, but all the same, connections are hinted at, whether we all carry umbrellas which become animated in David’s piece or as in Karen Axelrad’s depiction of connection “Reading”. With the loose theme of murmurs in mind, (and a few that don’t quite fit the theme but are compelling nonetheless), scroll down the page to see an eclectic mix of iPhone photo art by some of the most talented iPhone artists and photographers in our iPhoneographyCentral Flickr group. This week’s featured artists are:

More talented iPhone shooting and editing work that round up the group this week comes from the following iPC Flickr members: Clint Cline, Tomaso Belloni, Karen Axelrad, David Ingraham, Donald Williamson, Paul Yan, Janice Grinsell, Poetic Medium, Fleur Schim, borisbschulz2009, Jorge Daniel Segura and Salwa Afef.

Thank you all for submitting to iPC Flickr group!

If you’d like a chance to be featured in this weekly showcase, please remember to include your apps and backstories with your photos. Thank you, as always for submitting your amazing work.- For a chance to feature, please join our Flickr group. 

Don’t forget to “ENABLE Photo SHARING” on your images in order to be featured. Instructions for this are on our iPC Group Rules page on the iPC.

Thank you all for contributing your wonderful images and we look forward to discovering the stories and techniques behind them. If you have any questions regarding this feature, please email Nicki at nicki@iPhoneographyCentral.com

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When the Rain Comes

When the Rain Comes by David Ingraham
Apps used: This is a six-image composite —the four people, the buildings and the clouds— pieced together using the Image Blender App. The original images were shot with Hipstamatic and/or Blackie app, and various effects and textures were added using DFT (sadly no longer available), Stackables, and Snapseed. seX
Backstory: In the case of relatively complex iPhone composites such as this, they usually begin with pre visualization: I get the idea in my head and then go digging through the myriad images on my phone to see if I have the necessary “ingredients” to construct it. I rarely have the patience for this sort of thing these days due to how time-consuming and tedious it can be, but it was a rainy day and I was in a lazy and creative mood.


Where am I

Where am I by Clint Cline

Apps used: Each of the images above was created in SuperimposeX using a composite of photo textures, photographic color blocks, and fragments of previously-apped images. The final images were pulled through Mextures using a custom filter.


I have struggled of late for both the time and spark to create new work. When I encounter a block like this, I have learned to rest in it and then work my way past in small steps, each taken deliberately and irrespective of the result. I also have built an archive of more than a thousand textures and shapes derived from my particular workflow as well as my incessant habit of shooting naturally occurring textures (paint spills, oil stained concrete, torn fabrics, etc.).

The image, “Where am I” was one of a number of creative exercises I attempted in order to break this latest block. It began with a textured base (both images utilize the same base image) upon which I began layering other textured images and shapes to create a geometric balance harmonizing color, size, shape, and tone. SuperimposeX has a wonderful filtering tool that allows excellent control of density, exposure, and color adjustment, allowing me to compose within a single app. Combining varying blending modes for each layer resulted in the final image.

The subsequent “Because” image employed the same methods but explored balance using circles versus linear/square shapes.


Because by Clint Cline

Floragraph 155
Floragraph 155 by Donald Williams
App used: I used Waterlogue, iColorama and Hipstamatic.
Backstory: Lots of experimentation went into this photo which was originally a tropical plant in a botanical conservatory. I started by creating a watercolor version in the Waterlogue app. I then applied the sort filter in iColorama to stretch it vertically. It was then finished in Hipstamatic where I used the combo of sergio lens, comet film, and apollo flash. I enjoy making changes and experimenting with different techniques. The initial capture is just the beginning.

Red Scarf

Red Scarf by Donald Williams
App used: I used a combo in Hipstamatic. It was then modified with I Colorama’s sort filter and finished in Snapseed
Backstory: This photo started as a photo of my wife’s black leather jacket and a red scarf. I then used a combo in Hipstamatic. It was then modified with I Colorama’s sort filter and finished in Snapseed.


Reading by Karen Axelrad
App used: Hipstamatic doubleexposure, Artstudiopro, Panographic, iColorama Stackablesapp, Snapseed, SuperimposeX
Backstory: I was at the San Francisco MoMA experimenting with double-exposures of people overlaid with a painting. The double-exposure was done in the hipstamatic app without a “lens” or “film” first photographing a Richter painting and then the people reading about the painting. I used Panographic for the paper effect on the wall and then masked out the people in SuperimposeX. I added a little texture In Artstudio Pro and Stackablesapp. Color and contrast were worked in iColorama and Snapseed. I finished it in SuperimposeX by combining several versions and doing final color tweaks.

Abstracted Observer

Abstracted Observer by Karen Axelrad
App used: Hipstamatic double-exposure.
Backstory: This is another double-exposure taken at the San Francisco MoMA. This photo is the original hipstamatic double-exposure straight out of the camera. I first photographed the abstract painting and then the man in profile. It takes many trials, but in this case I got a fortuitous result.


Waiting by tmbx (Tomaso Belloni)
Apps Used: 
I shot with the default camera app on an iPhone 7plus and edited with Snapseed.

Backstory: In winter some plants must be protected from the weather, but with the right light this can lead to interesting pictures. I saw this one on a cold January afternoon and saw a creepy side to it, which I think I managed to capture.

As the miller told his tale

As the miller told his tale by tmbx (Tomaso Belloni)
Apps Used: 
I shot with the default camera app on an iPhone 7plus, edited with Snapseed then imported into Hipstamatic (Anne-Marie lens, Rock BW-11 film and Jolly Rainbo 2X flash).

Backstory: A writing on a wall that I see twice a week and never really looked at. The full sentence is “Time is what you make of it.” On that day I was passing by and I just saw the right framing, with one representative word and its light bulb. I think it gives a more interesting message.

Points of view

Points of view (Tomaso Belloni)
Apps Used: 
I shot with the default camera app on an iPhone 7plus, edited with Snapseed then imported into Hipstamatic (pablo Mark I lensa and BlacKeys Supergrain film.

Backstory: It had started snowing early morning and by the time I left home the landscape was white. This low bush just in front of my window was nicely covered and with some deconstructing it became a winter puzzle.

Just like starting over

Just like starting over by Paul Yan

Apps used: Phone: iPhone 7 Plus
Camera app: ProCamera
Post-processing app: Snapseed

Backstory: “Our life together
Is so precious together
We have grown…
Although our love is still special
Let’s take a chance and fly away
Somewhere alone…
It’ll be just like starting over”

~John Lennon~

August evening, I was in front of a store when I caught a couple coming my way. I set the shutter speed in the ProCamera app to 1/50s and ISO to 400, focus locked on the pavement where the couple would pass. When they came near the spot, I started wiggling and swiveling the phone quickly in a vertical motion while firing the shutter through the earphone cable’s volume button between my lips. Post-processing of the Tiff file was done with Snapseed for various local dodging & burning, along with a slight boost of saturation on the lady’s dress.

Rainy Day

Rainy Day by Salwa Afef
Apps used: Slow shutter cam + iColorama + Ps Express+ iWatermmark.

Backstory: This photo about a rainy and windy day in my neighborhood. Using “slow shutter cam ” ” light trail ” gives me the basic painterly effect. Then I work on iColoram for more painterly effects like styles, effect …etc.
In this photo, I wanted to bring out the mood of a windy rainy day, kind of messy mood, so I’ve used also some brushes to make some mess more obvious!
I ended with tons of painterly photos, trying to blend some of them together to get the mood and the impression which I kept in my head from that windy rainy day.

On the cutting room floor by catcall (Catherine Caddigan)

Apps used: Procreate.

Backstory: When I am with friends I often ask them if I can take their photo, I was having lunch with this friend and took two photos of her, six months ago. I love to work with faces and portraits. I always have a variety of images of of people on my camera roll, which I then can transfer to my iPad. I put this into Procreate, and then layered it and collaged it, I had several versions of this, but posted this one…. I have a feeling I’m not done with her.well.

The Beginnings

The Beginnings by janice.grinsell
Apps used: Image Blender

Backstory: The pastel drawing was created by initial mark making. As with most of my work, it seems to rise from my deeply layered subconscious.
When intimacy acts as an antidote for pain, allowing myself the time to reflect without responding, were the two driving forces while creating this piece.

Doris's oranges-15559

Doris’s oranges-15559 by Poetic Medium
Apps used: iPod 6th generation with Apps: Snapseed, Hipstamatic, AnalogFilm.

Backstory: Oranges from Florida(for Christmas) from our dear friend Doris.
Fresh squeezed juice was amazing.

Heavy cloud but no rain

Heavy cloud but no rain by Fleur Schim
Apps used: IphonexS, revolver wide angle lens, Snapseed distressedfx (the heavens filter) for more cloud effect, icolorama (Style: watercolor) imageblender

Backstory: I was walking in nearby Indian Head canyon one morning, in advance of a storm. I had just cleared the top of the hill and was walking down a path when I turned around and saw this gorgeous scene of clouds and paths.
Always turn around. The best views are often behind you!


IJmuiden by borisbschulz2009
Apps used: Snapseed, Stackables and Formulas

Shouldnt be always a team?

Shouldn’t be always a team? by Jorge Daniel Segura

Apps used: Snapseed, Stackables and Formulas

Backstory: I am a photographer and an artist as well, so my work may tend towards images as originally seen or towards highly elaborated edits. Usually, the pieces I submit to iPhoneographyCentral fall into the second category, grosso modo. But this time the final result is pretty close to the starter photo. The subject is a statue found in a park, made by an anonymous artist. I liked the drama added by the PoV and the light, and as I’m very interested in gender equality, seemed to me a good excuse to express my perplexity about how we haven’t been able to understand -and take over- our complementarity. Both men and women are plunged into a war that responds to every interest but the awareness -and/or social- evolution. And we don’t seem to find a solution soon…

So, I only worked on color, adding many layers of textures in Stackables, playing with all the blending modes, and then taking it to the extreme by mixing many versions of the same image in Image Blender, using the opportunity to add/remove a couple of details by masking. When I found an image that pleased me, just added extra textures and details in Repix, where I also made an additional adjustment in color and light. And that was it 🙂

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com



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