Apply Abstract Me

Abstract Me has a library of 214 ready-made background images which you can blend with your photos. You can also convert your color photo to monochrome and adjust the levels of transparency. Here’s a quick tutorial on what’s possible….


(1) The original image. It has large area of grey in the background and the mask is white in color. Abstract Me work best with this kind of photo.

(2) Start Abstract Me and select the emboss function by pressing on the lower button.

(3) Abstract Me turns your photo into warm orange color. 

(4) Press the back button and user can choose different Style in Abstract Me.  For this image, I selected item 2 and there are many styles the user can select.

(5)  I selected the style in row 3 and col 3, the rainbow color fan shape object.

(6) Here is the image after applying the Abstract Me. I don’t like the trees in pink color and decide to return the trees to original brown color.

(7) Open the image in Filterstorm, I painted the tree and slightly darken the trees with a curve.

(8) Here are two more images using the same technique




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