How to create this painterly still life and add textures with Snapseed and Mextures

Still life created using Snapseed and Mextures

Still life created using Snapseed and Mextures

This textured painterly floral iPhoneography image has raised the question,“Is it a painting or is it a photograph?” For this style of edit – which is my preferred style for still life images – this is the ultimate accolade. For those who don’t know my work, it is precisely this question I would like them to be thinking about.


Last Summer we bought some pet rabbits, Ginger and Fidget. We have a small courtyard style back yard which is completely enclosed. As escape seemed unlikely, since last summer, they have been allowed to run free with a hutch in the corner for shelter. Needless to say they were great in Autumn clearing out the yard but this Spring they ate all the plants before they had a chance to establish. This single Allium is all that survived of our Spring bulbs. Our garden has now been replanted and the rabbits given a nice large contained play area.


Apps used: ProCamera for initial capture, then for processing:Camera+, Filterstorm, Mextures, ProCamera, PS Express, Snapseed, Superimpose


The original image shot in ProCamera




Filterstorm ~ always crop and resize at the earliest opportunity. This crop was just to switch to a 1:1 ratio and I resized to 2,000px x 2,000px to give a good resolution size for printing (this is a slight size increase on an iPhone4 capture. iPhone5 would be bigger than this at capture anyway):




Snapseed ~ Drama filter under the bright 2 preset.






Snapseed ~ Grunge filter applied randomly and then manually adjusted when something approaching what I am looking for emerges.





Mextures ~ A combination of 4 texture layers added and saved as a favourite as the basis for future iPhoneography edits.




PS Express ~ This is the original cropped image with exposure boosted x1.






Superimpose ~ The image above blended with image three on multiply at 50 percent opacity:




Camera+ ~ The preferred camera replacement app for many people but I tend to use ProCamera at the moment. However, I still enjoy Camera+ filters and enhancement capabilities. The final image was run through Camera+ fluorescent filter:


Allium by Skip

Allium by Skip



Paul Brown (known as Skip), is an exhibited and prize winning iPhoneographer from Lincoln, England. He is a member of the global AMPt Community, a founding artist at New Era Museum and a featured blogger for iPhone Life Magazine. Skip was a finalist in the Photobox Motographer of The Year 2012 with my image “Skipping” and runs his own blog where he shares his techniques at http://skipology.com

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com

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  1. nick said:

    hey Skip, great tutorial, I’m just begining to get into iphoneography and some of the great things you can do with it. Really impressed with your photos. cheers buddy.