Add dramatic weather effects to a scene

I used all of the apps below (except HDR Fusion)





STEP 1:  I use SnapSeed

1. Tune Image

Brightness +15

Ambiance + 5

Contrast + 20

Saturation+ 22

White Balance +5




2. Drama

Dark 1 then tune the Saturation to +100

Filter should be around +90






STEP 2: I use Weather FX to add the lightening and the flares for the stars. Add as many as you wish. I try not to overdo it though.

STEP 3: Using LensLight, I like to add some extra flare to the sun . You can add different colors and even add more stars and lightning. 


STEP 4: I open the photo in Xnview FX

Select Actions

        • Mixer, then chose the color



STEP 5: I open in Pix


  •  Select Violet Effect







STEP 6: go back into Snapseed


  • Tune Image to Saturation to +75





 Lastly open in Squaready and make sure it fits nicely and I then chose to Watermark my photos using IWatermark.



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