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I’m a UK artist, author and teacher exploring photo art, collage and mixed-media on the iPad and iPhone.


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Tablet computer on artists table
Creating Art with Mobile Devices
iPhone, iPad, Apple Pencil and cleaning cloth
iPad & accessories
Nicki FitzGerald

Tools and Accessories for Creating Digital Art on the iPad

iPad Pro 11 inch   Review: The iPad Pro 11 inch is an essential tool in my creative arsenal. Its ample storage capacity (I have 512GB but 250GB should be ample for most needs) allows me to work on complex multi-layered projects in Procreate without worrying about running out of space. What sets it apart is the perfect balance it strikes between size and portability. The 11-inch screen is large enough to draw intricate details, yet the device remains lightweight and compact, making it ideal for on-the-go creativity.   Observations: https://amzn.to/3tHqfTo (Amazon)     On this page I use affiliate links and may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost

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Nicki FitzGerald

Procreate Book Artists Announced! (UPDATED Nov ’23)

Thank you for your patience. I am thrilled to announce that the artists to be published in my new book Digital Collage with Procreate has now been decided. Scroll down the page to see the list of names. Congratulations to you all!!  Some of the artists work has been featured in a small Procreate gallery within the book and some scattered throughout in relevant chapters – you’ll have to wait until the book is published to see how your work got featured…(click here if you can’t wait to buy – my last book SOLD OUT). THANK YOU! A huge big thank you to everyone who submitted work. It has been an extremely challenging task deciding which work should be in

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AI Art
Nicki FitzGerald

Using AI art apps in your digital workflow – Janis B. Lee

Not all AI art is generated with words or a one-click process as you’ll discover with Janis Brandenburg Lee who talks us through how she uses WOMBO Dream AI art app as part of her chain of apps workflow. Over to Janis…   Controversy aside (because the arguments will go on indefinitely), I have found a way to use Artificial Intelligence in my artwork as more of a tool than a means to an end.  I choose simple subjects, such as crows, or trees or bees, as opposed to humans because I find AI represents humans in a most inhuman way.  I would hate to think I created a piece of art just by pushing a button because I feel

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Photo to Art
Nicki FitzGerald

Creative Slow Shutter Combo Offer – Grab Lifetime Access TODAY!

I wanted to let you know that my two Creative Slow Shutter classes are currently on offer at a special low COMBO deal price with Lifetime Access! You can get the offer right now here. With the early evenings creeping in, this is the perfect time of year for slow shutter (long exposure) mobile photography. When the light is low, it’s ideal for capturing great painterly slow shutter images. My two courses show you how to both capture and transform these special photos into artistic and painterly works of art.   Here are the two courses you’ll get for the one all-time-low price:   Painting with light focusses on the capturing images with different Slow Shutter Apps. Creative Slow Shutter

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Hi, I’m Nicki FitzGerald, UK artist, author illustrator and teacher based on the South Coast of England. Drawing inspiration from the everyday moments in life, I stir in some imagination to create collages and painterly photos incorporating both digital and analogue techniques into my work experimenting with photography, paint and paper on an iPhone and iPad.