Hello fellow creatives!


I’m a UK artist working with digital and analog materials. 

I create online art classes to help you express your artistic self and learn the tools to help you get there.

  • Maybe you’ve been wondering how to get started in Mobile Art and need some digital photo art projects to get those
    creative juices flowing
  • Perhaps you are already an established artist and have been looking to develop your artistic skills and expand your imagination into the realms of digital collage and painting using an iPad and iPhone
  • Maybe you’re a creative photographer looking for fresh ideas and want to tune into your more artistic side to create more painterly works of art
  • Or perhaps you are just curious about everything that’s creatively possible using the iPhone and iPad and want to explore some of the fantastic apps like Procreate, Snapseed, Superimpose X, Touch Retouch, iColorama.

You’ll find lots of creative ideas to inspire you on these pages.

Photo to painting

Beachwalker series by Rita Colantonio

For a long time Rita Colantonio has been delighting us with her colourful images on social media. It’s so wonderful to have watched her work develop over the past few years and it was no surprise that her Beachwalker series (below) won an Honorable mention in the 17th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and will be exhibited in Barcelona in October this year. Rita kindly agreed to share the story behind these delightful art works and details the workflow she used to create them in the step-by-step tutorial below. You can see Rita’s latest work here. Over to Rita…. Beach walker series. The original photos I created for these series were shot in a single day on my iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Lettering and Text

Using Text in Digital Art

I can’t resist photographing lettering when I am out and about, and love to incorporate these “text-photos” into my digital art like the image “Boys Room” and “Getting the colour back #1” below. Shooting lettering and textures on boats in Weymouth Harbour, Dorset, UK. “Boys Room” (above) uses text from at least 3 different photos shot on my iPhone. The lettering in this image comes from two sources; a hotel vacancy sign and a photo I shot of some ad hoc signage I spotted during a local school visit. The images were blended together using Procreate on my iPad Pro. I have a huge text and lettering folder in my iPad photos library which houses all kinds of lettering both

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Line Art

A fine line – best sketch apps for creating an outline from a photo

Do you know of a good OUTLINE app out there for creating thick, clean and stylised outlines like the image below created in PicsArt? – which is almost perfect by the way. You can see the original photo directly below this PicsArt outline. PicsArt does a fantastic job of turning photos into beautiful outlines although it does focus on the face and tends to lose details elsewhere. I’m obsessed with lines; quality of line and mark-making. For those of you have taken my online classes, you’ll know that I encourage a good scribble. It’s good for both getting to know your mark-making tools and it can be a real stress buster! I’m currently looking for a really good app that

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Printing Digital Art


From iPhone photo to huge colour paper prints, iPhone artist Barbara Braman shares her workflow in this fascinating process of how she translates her digital images into luscious, colourful bold images on paper. While browsing the iPhoneographyCentral Flickr group a few weeks ago, one woman’s work really stood out in the Flickr Group. Barbara Braman’s incredibly beautiful bold and colourful images really took my breath away and after doing a little research, I was delighted to discover that she had also taken the trouble to learn a thing or two about printing and get her images, where they should be, out of the phone and into the real world by way of magnificent full-colour prints. By sheer coincidence, my second

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Hi, I’m Nicki FitzGerald, UK artist, author illustrator and teacher based on the South Coast of England. Drawing inspiration from the everyday moments in life, I stir in some imagination to create collages and painterly photos incorporating both digital and analogue techniques into my work experimenting with photography, paint and paper on an iPhone and iPad.